CV Opens Ninth Grade Academy

CV Opens Ninth Grade Academy
Posted on 09/13/2021
CV Opens Ninth Grade Academy
Kate DeVries
Staff Writer
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Outside the front entrance to CV-9, the Ninth Grade Academy.

The district renovated and re-open Good Hope Middle School as a ninth grade academy, known as CV-9, and many people are curious about the new renovations as well as how the freshmen feel about not having the traditional 9th grade experience.

Being isolated from the 10-12th graders is definitely not a typical experience for freshmen, and it leaves students having mixed feelings.

“It is much smaller than going to the high school, so we get to form better connections with kids who we didn’t go to middle school with because it’s only ninth graders," freshman Ally Wissman said. "I don't really feel like we get to have the freshman in high school experience though. It feels like we still get treated like we are in middle school. I like how I am able to see all of my friends throughout the day. It is also not very stressful since it is just one grade.

“It doesn’t feel like I am in high school, but I like CV-9 better than attending the high school just because it’s for transitioning, and I like that I can see my friends more often," freshman Preston Graff said. "My favorite thing so far has been my German class because last year my teacher taught the virtual academy, and having a familiar teacher was something nice that took some stress off about starting ninth grade.” 

Being back in Good Hope can be a little bit nostalgic for some of the freshmen who attended it back in sixth grade.

“CV-9 doesnt really feel too different from Good Hope because for me it seems like the exact same thing, but they did redo the gym and painted the walls. They actually painted over some of the murals that used to be in the halls, and I know that some classes want to paint new ones which is cool,” Graff said.

Even though CV-9 is new it still has aspects of being a freshman at the high school.

“One thing about CV-9 that has been the biggest change for me has been going to school with kids from Eagle View, which is something that we still would have experienced if we had attended high school for our freshman year," Wissman said. "It’s cool to see new faces and still have the opportunity to meet new kids, even at a school with just one grade."

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