Changes in Quiz/Test Format

Changes in Quiz/Test Format
Posted on 03/08/2021
Changes in Quiz/Test FormatChanges in Test Format
Josh Peterson
Staff Writer
[email protected]

Teachers at Cumberland Valley have had to change how tests and quizzes are given with the Schoology this school year. All tests have to be completed online this year during asynchronous time which affects how students take tests. Some teachers have even introduced lockdown browsers to prevent cheating on assignments. Other teachers change how the test questions are presented to prevent cheating and collaborating between students.

“We had the ability to have more open ended questions which in many cases were a bit more rigorous. We have more multiple choice, matching rearrange questions than the past, and we are limited in our open ended question types," math teacher Mr. Yohe said. "We are constantly worrying about the apps that are doing the problems for our cheating students so we have to constantly adapt the type of questions we are creating on Schoology” 

It is tough for both teachers and students to adapt to the new way tests are given and taken. It was much easier to take them in class with no technical difficulties and no cheating. COVID-19 has thrown everyone out of their normal routines which has caused teachers and students to make the most of the resources given.

“In the past, the cooperating teachers made a written exam with a mix of open ended and some multiple choice. We got to watch students take the exam, so we didn’t have the issues we are experiencing in this COVID world,” Yohe said.

Some teachers end up giving more small quizzes to make up for the decrease in size of tests. A majority of the new assignments have it so that Schoology automatically grades it while others require teachers to grade it.

“We are giving smaller quizzes. We have some Schoology grades for us. We have some that students upload. It is very challenging to create assessments that prevent students from working together and using apps as I already mentioned” Yohe said.

Everyone at Cumberland Valley has been adapting to the new system for the last few months. Some parts of it could stay for the future such as there being gradable assignments on snow days. There are positives and negatives of online tests, but teachers and students are doing their best to adjust.
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