Dining In With COVID-19

Dining In With COVID-19
Posted on 10/29/2020
Black and BleuDining In With COVID-19
Katie Young
Staff Writer
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Restaurants all across the country are still dealing with the repercussions of the pandemic. Although most local restaurants in central PA were forced to close down for a period of time, each restaurant has opted to respond to the loss of business in different ways. There are general guidelines businesses are required to follow in relation to the pandemic, but as the popular Mechanicsburg restaurant Black n’ Bleu owner knows, every restaurant is run differently.

Manager Jason Minor said, “Our capacity is lower, which brings our gross number down… We have been able to make up by adding extra seating outdoors. Overall, numbers are down slightly, but we've been battling our way back.”

Just like every other restaurant during these unprecedented times, Black n’ Bleu chose to get creative about how to make back their lost revenue. Outdoor seating has been added to their front sidewalk. Two outdoor tents also had a home on Black n’ Bleu’s property for a while, bringing back regular customers and servers’ smiles as soon as they could partially re-open. Because closing for a period of time was necessary, the servers lost hours of work, and for some, that is what they depend on for a majority of their income. So not only did the business lose money as a whole, the loyal and dependable servers did as well. Owner Donny Brown did his very best to keep his staff’s best interest in mind by adding curbside pickup and take-out options for them to run.

When it comes to the interior differences of the restaurant compared to pre-COVID, Black n’ Bleu has also installed a plexiglass barrier at the hostess stand, as well as wooden dividers between booths. In doing so, not only are customers kept safe, they also have peace of mind coming out to eat in a public place. As well as most local businesses and restaurants, Black n’ Bleu requires face coverings to be worn into the restaurant, and all the way to your seat, as well as by staff at all times. This way, staff, workers, and customers are all doing their part to keep each other safe and limit the spread in order to remain open.

Despite Black n’ Bleu losing profit due to COVID-19, all of the efforts made to make the money back have so far been successful. It seems that Brown, as well as Minor, are not as concerned for their restaurant as they had been even just 3 months ago. Even a pandemic can’t stop this local favorite.
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