Farm Show Highlights

Posted on 01/17/2019
Farm Show Comes to the Expo Center
Cole Lucas
Staff Writer

Every year, after the New Year, the Farm Show comes to Harrisburg. It is open January 4th through January 12th. People from all over the country come to show off their animals, eat the amazing food, and watch various shows.

There is no doubt that the food is one of the main attractions at the Farm Show. Some people just come because of how good the quality it actually is. Also, it is not as expensive as it would seem to be, but still a little pricey because of the quality of the products. Not only do they have food in the food court, there are other stands around the complex selling things like honey,fruits, and vegetables. All of the fresh produce is grown locally by farmers. The honey is extracted fresh straight from the beehive, in fact, they have a demonstration on how beekeepers get the honey from the hive.

One of the biggest areas in the Farm Show are the animals. There are animas from cows to bunny rabbits. People bring their best farm animals to show off and compete against other farmers for first prize. Everyday at the Farm Show these farm animals are being evaluated on criteria from their behavior in the holding areas and from the the shows that they perform in. Also, in one of the small sides of the building, there are variety of chickens,rabbits, and waterfowl. Now, these are not just your run of the mill birds. Most of these birds and rabbits are national or world champions in their respective category.

Another area that is very popular is where the equipment is located, right behind the food court. This area has the state's top of the lin farm equipment that farmers and guests has a chance to purchase that very same day. Little kids love to climb up in the big tractors and take pictures, which is a very popular thing that is done.

Last but not least, in the biggest area, they have shows going on everyday that the Farm Show is open. Some of the shows that are showing are cattle/pig competitions, the six horse trailer showing, sheep herding, and a horse sale. These shows bring in big numbers and a lot of money for the sellers and buyers. These are very popular throughout the day because the animals that are showcased here are world class.

The Farm Show did not disappoint this year. From the food, showmanship, and comradery, the Farm Show is certainly the place to go.

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