Field Of Screams: COVID Version

Field of Screams
Posted on 10/23/2020
Field of ScreamsField Of Screams Changes Due to COVID-19
JD Hunter
Staff Writer
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Field of Screams kicks off this Fall celebrating an unusual, 28th annual season. Tourists are thrilled to experience the four haunted attractions once again this year. However, this year's Field of Screams will feel much different than in the past. Due to COVID-19, Field of Screams has taken precaution in how they operate in order to promote safety and social distancing.

One of the biggest differences this year is that the experience is less scary. According to Heather Homan, who visited Field of Screams three weeks ago, “This year's Field of Screams was completely different. It was definitely not as scary. The characters are not able to come close to you. You are not sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for the next scare.

The amount of actors was only about half. They used to have up to 20 to 25 characters per attraction but clearly cut out that part of entertainment. I still enjoyed myself because I didn’t have to wait in lines although the whole spooky feeling was not as prevalent as prior years.”

Due to COVID-19 safety protocols, the actors must remain six feet away from all tourists. This makes the whole experience less scary because they're further away and can’t grab you. Due to the reduced capacity policy, there are fewer actors at each attraction which also makes it less scary.

Unlike last year, this year, when making reservations, tourists are required to pick a specific day and time to arrive. You can’t just spontaneously decide to go to Field of Screams with your friends. Although this is slightly inconvenient, it also has its advantages.

Due to the limited capacity and reserved spots, there are no lines to any of the attractions. Tourists can experience all four attractions in a short amount of time with no crowding. Another difference is that all tourists are required to wear face masks the entire time. This cuts down on the number of funny photos of terrified tourists because half of their face is hidden by the mask.

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