Fortnite Season 8 Review

Fortnite Season 8
Posted on 03/05/2019
Fortnite Season 8Season 8 Fortnite Battle Royale
Ethan Zeigler
Staff Writer
[email protected]

February 28th, 2018...the big day. Season 8 for Fortnite has been highly anticipated for a month now. Professional players have been taking their guesses on what Epic Games is going to put in the game. But now we are here and ready for this new season. This battle pass is one of the most diverse and interesting battle passes that we’ve had yet. It includes new skins, weapon skins, loading screens, and background music and dances.

There is a wide range of themes from forest to volcano to pirates. There are new places on the map such as lazy lagoon, a volcano, sunny steps, and pirate forts. These new landing spots will make the game better by getting people to land at different spots and keep everyone more spread out, which will make the game go smoother. There is also a new cannon added that can be used at different places around the fortnite map.

The game also has new screen while you’re in the lobby which draws your attention and makes the game better visually. There will also be a skin players can unlock by completing 55 different weekly challenges and will remain unknown until enough weekly challenges are released to be completed. The spawn island also has had some cosmetic changes such as it being tropical and it looks like a jungle.

The pump shotgun has also gotten a change. When players reload the weapon out and reload the gun it sounds different. There are also geysers added to the game that can be used to deploy gliders to get around the map more efficiently. The overall gameplay of the game has gotten better through the changes made and the new additions to the game itself.
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