Fortnite Update 6.31

Fortnite Update 6.31
Posted on 12/11/2018
Fortnite Update 6.31New Fortnite update 6.31
Ethan Zeigler
Staff Writer
[email protected]

To all the Fortnite fanboys and girls out there the new Fortnite update is full of new things that are improving and making the game better.

The main change is the shotguns. They used to not be quite as good until this update, meaning they could not eliminate an opponent in one shot while the enemy has 100 health and 100 shield. Now with this update the Green Pump does 95 damage to the body and the Blue Pump does 100. And they used to do 80/85, which allows for more kills off the start if you aquire a pump shotgun. Also this buff for the shotty is nice but it is also rewarding of good accuracy with the weapon. But with the buff means that if the player is not accurate he will not be hitting the heavy damage shots and it won’t feel like the shotguns were even changed.

Also they brought out a couple of new skins and other cosmetics for players to purchase. There is a new shotgun which was added too. It is the pump shotgun but it comes in epic and legendary variants which do 105/110 damage to the body and 210/ 220 damage with headshots.

There was added new game modes also such as team Rumble which is a team deathmatch type game mode, the first team to reach 100 kills is the winner and gets the victory royale. New things were added to the save the world part of Fortnite also, such as The Airheart skin the was in battle royale is now a “hero” in save the world and she places a rotating Omni-directional Sentry Integrated Exoskeleton (R.O.S.I.E.) she helps to eliminate the enemies.

They fixed bugs as well, like when the game was unresponsive while trying to whisper and fixed a crash that happened on PS4 that was happening while trying to manually leave a party and some in-game bugs they fixed are that the mounted turrets can’t shoot through their floors anymore and the audio of the gliders queuing.

Junior Rielly Mcmullen said, “I am excited for these changes because the game will be a lot smoother and interesting.”

Mcmullen agreed with the changes to the shotguns because now it will be a better meta than using submachine guns and the bug fixes will help with keeping the game smooth and enjoyable.

On the other hand though there are people who are not happy with the changes. Junior Jacob Nguyen said, “I can’t stand getting one pumped while I am at 100 Shield and 100 health.”

This can help some people by making the shotguns do over 200 damage, but on the other hand it can also hurt others. Based on skill and play style of different people this may not be a very good thing.
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