Getting Caught Up: Late Schoolwork

Make Up Work
Posted on 04/05/2019
Make Up WorkTyler Rossi
Staff Writer
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Students tend to get behind on school work because of  their involvement  outside of school in sports, clubs and work. Some just put work off until the last minute. 

“Sometimes it's sports and sometimes it's just the fact of doing the work itself,” junior Max Wilken said.

If a student is involved in after-school activities, it is crucial to have time management skills or the work overload could get overwhelming.

“Some ways I manage my time is by waking up early to get school work done, especially if I have a game or to get ahead on sometimes the days I don’t have anything going on. Having good time management is key,” junior Ryan Powell said. 

Some ways to manage time are to stay caught up with all of the work. For example, if a person has a game that night and knows they won't have time to do their homework, they could wake up in the morning before school and get it done.

“Sometimes I work for an hour and then take a break," Wilken said. 

Homework can be very boring and stressful for some people, so that could be a reason some students fall behind. Doing homework for a little bit of time then taking a break is a good idea so it does not seem so boring and horrible to do.

“Handling big projects can be hard if you wait until the last minute, spreading the work out and doing a little everyday is way easier,” Wilken said.

Do not wait until the last minute to start a project that was given three weeks to do. Planning that project out and making a little bit of time each day will feel a lot better than pulling an all-nighter the day before it is due.

Successful students definitely need to find a balance that meets their own needs. Carefully think about how busy the evenings are and what they are filled with while planning how work will get done for school, sports, and possibly even a job.

Many students use agendas and calendars on their phones to help them prioritize work. There are many ways to stay caught up with school work, but it all comes down to the student making the effort to focus on time management and prioritize.

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