Golden Years Staying Lively

Golden Years Staying Lively
Posted on 10/19/2021
Golden Years Staying LivelyKeeping the Golden Years Lively
Nyla Anderson
Staff Writer
[email protected]

The Golden Years Club at CV, created by CV graduate Mackenzie Kirkwood, is a club that aims to uplift the elderly during their golden years of life by hosting social events and sending messages, including a bingo night (pre-COVID), dancing events, Q&As, and outdoor decorating. There are also chances to earn volunteer hours and for seniors to earn a cord for their graduation.

“Mackenzie Kirkwood started this club because he came to realize that there was an epidemic going on among the elderly, a loneliness epidemic,” said senior and current club president, Abby Maier.

“And that loneliness actually affects the elderly physically, and that they’re dementia, Alzheimer's progresses more rapidly," Maier said.

According to the CDC, social isolation is related to a 50% increased risk of dementia, and poor social relationships is related to a 29% increased risk of heart disease. Due to the ongoing pandemic and the higher risk of the elderly being more affected when exposed to the virus, more eldely have been socially isolated from families.

“TGYC is a great club at CV, it has a lot of members, it’s a great way to meet people both young and old,” Maier said. “I know I've gained a lot of insight from the older generations that I've gotten to talk to, I’ve made some of my closest friends through the club, and it’s also super easy to join.”

There are no special requirements to join this club; people can sign up by visiting room 260 (Mrs. Logan) and getting a flyer for instructions, reaching Abby Maier  or visiting the club instagram account @thegoldenyears club for more information.
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