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Posted on 10/04/2021
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Melanie Ascoli
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Staff Writer

Homecoming is right around the corner, and when there is homecoming, there is a homecoming court. Seniors at CVHS have been waiting for a chance on the homecoming court all year and longer before then, and it has finally come time to vote on who should be on the 2021 homecoming court.

Principal Dr. Malinoski released the voting form last Thursday and since then students have been rushing to submit their forms before the form closes at 3:30pm on Wednesday September 29th. I spoke to a couple of seniors about their votes in order to help others pick who their votes are going to as well as give students an idea about who may win before the actual court roster comes out.

“I will most likely not be voting because it’s just a popularity contest. The popular attractive people always win so there’s no point in voting for anybody else when it’s gonna be the expected people as always," Senior Alayna Stoner said.

Stoner brings up a common concern among students that their votes don’t truly matter. Whether presidential or homecoming court, people will feel like their one vote does not have an impact. If everyone thought that same way no one would get voted for. In order to establish the voting to be as fair as possible, everyone deserves to have their voice.

Senior Tyler Hubbard said, “I voted for Kate Devries, Katie Young, as well as Kendra Glessner. For the boys I voted for myself and Spencer Leach because I think we all would represent the senior class very well”

“I voted for Josh Odoom because he is a hardworking individual that represents CV and our class well. He is very nice, respectable, and an overall great person to be around”, Senior Chibuikem Ekezie said.

“I voted for Shealyn Keck because her mom was homecoming queen in high school and she wants to be able to keep that tradition going”, Senior Sam Bahnick said.

“I voted for my friends who I knew were in leadership positions and do good things for the community because they would best represent the student body for homecoming court," Senior Gigi Gilfert said, following the idea of many other students to simply vote for friends.

Almost every senior at CV deserves a spot on the HOCO court for one reason or another, but the voting process is a fun way to uplift seniors who have done a lot for the community. Eight boys and eight girls will be selected for the homecoming court, all with a chance to be crowned homecoming king and queen at the dance October 9th.
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