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Homecoming Dresses
Posted on 09/10/2019
Homecoming DressesBest Stores and Websites for Homecoming Dresses
Grace Milone
Staff Writer
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Homecoming is right around the corner and is one of the most looked forward to events of the year. The music, friends, dates, and especially dresses make an unforgettable night.

A problem that girls constantly face is what dress to wear and where to get it from. A girl's biggest fear is showing up to homecoming with the same dress as someone else. Websites are a good way to find dresses that few other people find. Stores are also good places to search for the perfect homecoming dress, but it is more likely that others will wear that dress.

“I'd rather shop online than in stores because it has more variations of dresses and more people look in stores to buy than online,” Junior Hayley Watts said.

While stores may not have the right size or color for some, websites offer a wide variety of sizes, colors, and styles of dresses. There are so many websites out there, but watch out because some may try to take advantage of shoppers. For example, some dress websites are known for returns that don’t give all of the money spent back. Others are known for simply taking weeks to arrive. Below, are listed known websites that are used by students to look for dresses.

Here are a list of great websites to look for dresses:

Prom Girl
Simply Dresses
JJ’s House
Pretty Little Thing
Nordstrom’s/Nordstroms Rack (In store as well)
Free People

Websites are nice, but for those who want to try on dresses in person and do not want to worry about the wait or shipping fees, stores are the perfect place. There are so many options when it comes to stores to shop for dresses. Some are farther than others and more popular, while some are local. Below are a list of stores that are known for their homecoming dresses (some are consignment boutiques as well).

Here are a list of great stores to look for dresses:

David’s Bridal
Renaissance Bridals and Prom
Formals XO (King of Prussia)
Hello Gorgeous (Consignment)
Plato’s Closet (Consignment)

Another new and upcoming way to get a homecoming dress is through two CV student’s social media account called Dress4the0ccasion. This social media account consists of previously worn homecoming dresses lended by others so that other girls can borrow them to use. These dresses are multipurpose and can be worn for Sweet 16s or other party occasions, but especially homecoming for this time of year.

“So basically dressforthe0cassion is an instagram account for people to lend and borrow dresses. Abby and I knew that sweet sixteen season was coming up along with homecoming and we figured it’d be crazy expensive to get a dress for every event. It was just a way for us to get dresses in the cheapest way possible but also knowing the dresses were still good quality,” Sophomore and student in charge of the social media account, Imani Chanka said.

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