How to Spend Your Quarantine

How to Spend Your Quarantine
Posted on 04/07/2020
The Slevin Family10 Activities for Your Quarantine
Veronica Slevin
Staff Writer
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Social Distancing is taking a toll on many people and after three weeks; many CV students and families are facing boredom. Wondering what activities you can do at home? Here are some ideas.

Take a walk
The weather has been quite nice lately and it is good to get outside and get some fresh air. Being cooped up inside all day can be monotonous, but taking a break from your daily indoor routine can be refreshing.

Cook something
Personally, I love to cook and I have made many dishes while I have been home. Even if you do not typically enjoy cooking, experimenting in the kitchen and making a treat for yourself or your family can be fun and refreshing. There are endless easy recipes online and they can take up multiple hours in these seemingly really long days. One night, offer to cook for your parents. My siblings and I, ages 12-20, are all taking turns cooking dinners so my parents don’t have to. It does not have to be fancy, get creative with items you already have!

Play a board or card game
Most people have a deck of cards or a few board games to play. If you have siblings or other family hunkered down with you, playing games can be a good way to spend some time in the day. There are endless numbers of card games that you could teach yourself and have your family learn. Find a game that you haven’t played for awhile and give it a try, it may be more fun than you remembered.

Work out
Although the gyms are closed, you can work out at your home. Youtube has many at-home, bodyweight workouts that you can use for inspiration. Also, a lot of CV sports teams have at home workout initiatives on social media, and even if you are not a member of a sport, you can join in.

Do a jigsaw puzzle
If you have any puzzles at home, you should definitely build one. It will take a decent amount of time, but all we have is time right now. It will stimulate your brain a bit and is a fun activity to do with family members of all ages.

Play video games
Nobody said that video games were not allowed. Bust out your old video games that you played when you were younger and have some fun. Play with your friends virtually or play with your family on the same couch. There are also a lot of iPhone games that you can download if you do not have a gaming system that can be downloaded for free.

Watch a movie or TV show
There are many good shows on Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime etc. that you could start watching. Also, go through your family’s DVDs (if you still have any left) and find some good movies. This is a good activity during the night, after dinner, or to relax before bed.

Play outside
If you have siblings or other family staying at your house with you, play outside with them. My brother and I have played lots of basketball and badminton. Even if you are by yourself, you can play sports by yourself or make chalk art for your neighbors to see.

Meet on Zoom with your school friends
Create a zoom chat room with your friends and invite them to talk! It is important to keep in contact with people even though we can not meet face to face. The other day, I was part of a zoom chat and it was refreshing to catch up with friends that I have not seen in a while.

Read a book
Pull a book off your bookshelf, or download one on to a device. There are tons of good books out there that you can read while you do not have any books to read for school. Reading is a great way to keep your brain sharp and stimulated without looking at a screen.
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