Juuling Epidemic Continues

Juuling Epidemic Continues
Posted on 09/11/2019
Juuling Epidemic ContinuesJuuling Epidemic Continues
Michael Keefe
Staff Writer
[email protected]

The Juul epidemic has been impacting youth for over a year. Schools have been having a problem with students juuling in bathroomd and even in classrooms.

The Juul looks like an h-drive and holds a pod of e-liquid filled with chemicals and nicotine which is an addictive chemical.

A Juul is an e-cigarette that is meant for cigarette smokers to help quit. CV School Nurse Ms. Jen Forsythe said, “Juuling isn't safer than cigarettes because one Juul pod has as much nicotine as one pack of cigarettes which cause teenagers to be highly addicted to, which causes lungs collapse.”

Teenagers around the world are now experience harsh medical ramifications of Juul use including collapsed lungs and seizures. The US just saw its first death related directly to Juul use. According to www.theverge.com, 450 people have been affected by e-cigarettes.

Forsyth said, “The Juul hasn't been regulated yet, so we don't know what is in the Juul except for the ingredients they give us.”

School has been cracking down on students bringing vapes into school by adding more security.

Students who get caught with a vape will get it taken and a three day out of school suspension for the first offense. Further violation of the school code will result in more consequences. 

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