Mask Mandate: Student Opinions

Student Opinions Vary on Mask Mandate
Posted on 09/13/2021
MasksStudent Opinions Vary on Mask Mandate
Skylar Rozyckie
Staff Writer
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Jenna Wissman and Sam Clerkin in class wearing masks.

Governor Wolf announced students, teachers, and staff will be required to wear masks in all Pennsylvania schools effective September 7. Before this announcement, CV’s plan was to see how each week went on wearing masks, but the new mandate changed the plan.

Student opinions vary on the mandate.

“I think it’s stupid, it should be optional. I think it’s as simple as, if you don’t want to get COVID, then wear a mask, if it doesn’t worry you then don’t wear one. It should be our choice not his,” junior Abby Richardson said.

“I think it was a good idea especially with the new variant going on. I also think that our age group is the least vaccinated, so it's a risk for us. It was made for our safety,” sophomore Joanna Maawad claims.

The possibility of the mandate being lifted stays unknown. It will remain at least through the month of October.

“I think there’s a possibility it will be lifted later in the school year if numbers are lower, but I’m
not super optimistic about it,” Richardson said.

Maawad is not as optimistic. “I don’t think so. I do my own research and I feel that covid is going to keep getting worse. It’s seasonal like the flu and numbers will rise this coming fall and winter, and I don’t see it getting lifted.”

There is no doubt many other obstacles will soon be thrown at the students this year due to COVID.

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