Mini-THON Finance Committee

Senior Finance Chair Jacob Reber Managing Money
Posted on 08/30/2019
Senior Finance Chair Jacob Reber Managing MoneyInside The THON Finance Committee
Melanie Ascoli
Staff Writer
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The CV Thon Finance Committee and Senior Finance Chair Jacob Reber are already focused on having a successful Mini-THON 2020. The Finance Committee has begun putting in the work to launch the financial aspect of all Thon related events. 

Finance, though a small committee, is one of the most important committees helping to manage Thon. The committee is in charge of raising, counting, and managing all of the money for each event.

Reber said, “The Finance Committee is in charge of all the cash flow that’s coming into Thon and the payments that we make throughout the year...making sure we count all the totals for all the events like Man Pageant and Thon Factor.”

Finance carries out various tasks to help prepare for the night of Mini-Thon. They run fundraisers to raise money and handle the monetary aspects of other committees. Part of the committee appears at every event involving money that must be counted or collected. One way in which the committee is preparing for Mini-THON 2020 is by getting organized, attending, and helping out at the upcoming events.

“Right now we are really busy working with the Gold Out Tailgate coming up on Friday, September 6th, because we have to make sure that we have enough cash boxes ready for the event, have the committee members working hard and get money prepared for the event,” Reber said. “And afterwards we have to count all the money that we made from the event.”

The finance committee is a great choice for anybody looking to join a Thon committee in years to come. It is a smaller group with a very important job that will have students involved in all school events.

“Finance is such a great committee, because every finance member is behind all of the work behind each event and each total,” Reber said, encouraging students to branch out and join the group.

Sophomore Anna Barberio, a newcomer to the group, said, “I chose to make the finance committee my number one choice because I learned of how important finance is to how Thon works and I knew that I could greatly contribute to the finance committee and Thon overall”

Barberio also encourages others to join saying, “The finance committee has a welcoming atmosphere and I look forward to attending the meetings and THON.”

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