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Biden Harris
Posted on 11/22/2020
Biden HarrisNatalie Morgan
Staff Writer
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Tension was thick the first week of November as Election Day came and went. The entire country was anxiously awaiting the results on the days that followed November 3rd. Finally on Saturday November 7th, the winner was announced. Joe Biden is to be the 46th president of the United States.

This news was of course welcomed by those who support Biden, but not so much by those who support Donald Trump.

“It’s definitely concerning from my end and conservatives, it’s scary the difference between Biden and Harris, they are not on the same page when it comes to various topics,” senior Hunter Gutshall said.

As President of the United States Biden is promising a lot. The 4 big issues Biden plans to target are the Coronavirus pandemic, economic issues, racial injustice, and climate change.

According to BBC in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic Joe Biden plans to try and give people access to free testing, and establish more testing centers in each state. He is also going to ask governors to start mandating masks in public.

With the current economic issues, Biden wants to
extend loans to small businesses and wants to try and raise the minimum wage.

When it comes to the racial injustice in our country Biden is planning to build business support for minorities but does reject the idea of defunding the police.

Climate change is another issue that Biden plans to tackle. He wants to rejoin the global climate accord and put money into green technology.

Although Biden does have a lot of supporters, anxiety and concerns can arise with any changes.

Junior Sam Bahnick said, “A concern I have about these next four years is that Biden will not accomplish everything he’s promised. As citizens we need to hold him responsible for that because that’s the only reason he was elected in the first place.”

President Trump activated his legal teams to challenge the voting process in multiple states. Once the challenges are addressed, the US Electoral College will confirm the votes on December 13. 
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