New Late Assignment Policy

New Late Assignment Policy
Posted on 09/14/2021
New Late Assignment PolicySchool Implements New Late Policy
Genevieve Miller
Staff Writer
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Nest isn't the only new edition to CV this year; there's a new late policy. Instead of teachers having their own late policies when students turn in late work, the high school developed a uniform policy. Now, students get 20% off for assignments that are two weeks late before it's an automatic zero in the gradebook.

Students and teachers have all had mixed feelings about this new policy.

“I think it's good for students to give them time to make up assignments, this gives people two weeks to still get the majority of the credit. My concern is students not being aware of the policy or understanding it,” Chemistry teacher Ms. Rebecca Hornung said.

The late policy is not applied to tests or quizzes, and anyone struggling to meet the two week deadline should talk with their teacher and let them know.

Some feel the two weeks and 20% off is a too steep a penalty. “I feel the cut off at two weeks is kind of harsh, and after the 20% people might give up on it,” junior Bella Shaner-Elliott said.

Junior Hannah Miskin worried about the effects of the policy. “Students may start to rely on this policy for future years to come. This policy is obviously not used in colleges so I worry," she said.

Others like the idea because it offers structure and consistency. Math teacher Mrs. Elena Prince said, “I like that it's the same for every teacher, so I like that it has some consistency while also still giving you a little leeway in case life happens.”

The policy aims to allow students more time to turn in their work with less repercussions, while saving teachers from frantic students creating piles of work on their desks at the end of each marking period.

Miskin said, “It could definitely benefit a lot of students who struggle with turning things in on time especially after the school year we had last year.”

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