New Rules and Policies at CVHS

New Rules and Policies at CVHS
Posted on 09/11/2023
New Rules and Policies at CVHSNew CV Rules and Policies
Miller Hall
Staff Writer

From year to year CV has to tweak its policies and rules to accommodate from the shortcomings of the past year and to solve problems that still need fixing. This school year is no different with the addition of 3 new rules and policies CV students will have to adjust to over this school year.

The policy changes included the eagle lobby getting removed from a possible lunch option, no more going to the vending machines periods 1-6, and the new plagiarism policy of a level one offense only being plagiarized phrases and few sentences.

"Actually the cafeteria has been fairly relaxed the years I have been here even with 700 students per class,” Senior Felo Fauod said.

What about the plagiarism policy?

“You know what, I do I think that this new rule gives students a better chance to redeem themselves," Fauod said.

And the vending machine policy?

"I hate that. Those periods are really the only times of the day that you would need to use them.”

Fauod's opinions are representative of many students at CV. With any change comes some resistance and eventually adaptation. 

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