New Sign, Name for CV Campus

New Sign, Name for CV Campus
Posted on 02/07/2022
New SignEducational Park to Campus
Genevieve Miller
Staff Writer
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The CV welcomes the community to the main campus with a new sign. The sign also features a name change for the campus. Cumberland Valley Educational Park is now Cumberland Valley Educational Campus

From having a custodian change the letters on a manual display sign, to an old analog sign and now to a digital display, the Cumberland Valley sign has come a long way since the first one back in 2000. The new programmable display can now not only be accessed from the district office, but from anywhere in the world.

The discussion for a new sign began in 2019 with proposals and quotes. Finally, last summer through early fall the board approved to replace the sign. Supply chain issues delayed the project until this December and first part of January.

The big question is, “What was wrong with the old sign?”

Director of Finance and Operations Mike Willis said, “The old sign was a new first generation sign that we purchased probably ten years ago. We've had some problems with it just failing, it would overheat in the summertime and it wouldn't work, and so we've had an extended warranty on it for the first five years. It just continually gave us problems and the life expectancy of them is probably around ten years.”

Construction for the new sign began late December and the base was built within a week. The cap made for the bottom of the sign came in January. To build the sign they mounted two steel posts into the ground and poured concrete in the cap to make a footer. A mason was hired to do the brick work, the brick was laid around one of the posts while the other was left bare so the sign would fit over top and create a solid foundation. A sign manufacturer designed the lettering and logo.

“What people don't know is that we have to go to the township for approval to replace that sign and it has to be the same in size and height,” Willis said.

Not only is the new sign easier to use, it is also easier to keep maintained and upgraded if needed in the future.

“I think the nice part is that the base can be maintained and the top can be maintained and you can just switch out the television box. It can be deconstructed and the technology can be upgraded and then reconstructed," Willis said.

The total cost of the sign was $165,000 . The District Communications Specialist Tracy Panzer said, “We've been through the process once and we sort of understood a little bit more of what we needed to look for.”
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