Race Winning Study Hacks

Race Winning Study Hacks
Posted on 11/22/2020
Sophomore Meredith Seeber tuning into some Mario Kart music as she studies.

Under the circumstances of COVID 19, independently learning from home has become a difficult challenge for the students of Cumberland Valley. Students must learn how to manage their time properly, efficiently complete their assignments, and stay focused in order to be successful this school year.

As the second marking period rolls in, students are beginning to perfect some tricks and tips to help better their studying habits.

The biggest distraction teenagers have faced is getting off task on their cell phones. This is very difficult for today’s students considering social media and technology can be quite absorbing. It is also hard to stay away from our distracting devices when all of the work is essentially online.

Senior Ashley Poppe said, “I recommend that you remove distracting objects like your phone and go to a
quiet room.”

While students are actively working on their assignments, they find snacking keeps them motivated and dialed in.

“I drink lots of water and snack on chocolate, crackers, or other random food to keep me going,” Poppe said.

Sophomore Sidney Krebs said, “I chew gum while I study because I heard it helps you remember stuff if you chew the same flavor while taking your test.”

It is recommended that you chew gum while studying to stay concentrated, attentive, and have overall memory improvement. Gum is also a great alternative for stress eaters who need to keep their mouths moving, but don’t want to gain calories from careless eating.

The most recommended tip to reduce stress and to work better was listening to music. Students' music choices ranged everywhere between hard core rock to southern country music. Researchers recommend listening to classical music because your brain won’t attempt to process lyrics being sung.

Poppe said, “Instrumental music is my favorite because it keeps me from becoming distracted by lyrics.”

The social media platform TikTok has been influencing students to listen to the song “No Wind
Resistance!” by Kinneret. It is believed that it makes student’s work faster when trying to complete an
assignment or task before the due date. Along with this, social media has also proposed the idea of listening to Mario Kart Music because it subconsciously reminds students of racing in the game.

“My friends and I often listen to Mario Kart music because gaming music is supposed to help you focus and work faster. Coconut Mall is my favorite… it helps me grind out papers,” Krebs said.
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