SAT Prep Course

Posted on 01/16/2019

SAT Preparation

Tyler Rossi
Staff Writer
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The SAT test in high school is to test one's readiness for college. This test is very important and you want to be ready for it so you can get into a college of your choice and possibly earn some scholarship money too. If you want to get extra help for this test so you have a better understanding of the process and expectations, a good route to take is private SAT practice sessions or getting a tutor. Many students have benefited greatly from these and said it really helped.

“It was worth the extra money and definitely made me more successful,” Senior Stone Huffman said.

It may cost extra money, but it's worth it for a lot of people if it helps you do well on this test.

There are three sessions for students to choose from: reading, writing, and/or math. All three take place on three different Saturdays from 9am-noon at the high school. For the most part, they are the three Saturdays before the scheduled SAT test at CV. Each session is three hours long, and the instructor will provide students with handouts, practice tests, and other materials that will be useful in studying for the test.

“Students will be provided with various materials and practice tests that serve as helpful reviews for the test,” Teacher/SAT instructor Mrs. Dominick said.

“By signing up, they are giving themselves designated time in their schedules to make sure that they are prepared,” Dominick said. “Also, unlike other SAT prep options, this is a ‘condensed’ version, meaning that we are giving a lot of materials in just three hours, freeing students to use the materials in their own time when it seems convenient or efficient to study.”

Are there any upcoming sessions that students should know about?

“Yes! Saturday Feb.2 (Reading with Mrs. Mealy); Saturday, Feb. 9 (Math with Mr. Newara); Saturday, Feb. 23 (Writing with Mrs. Dominick) and students can sign up in Mrs. Dominick’s room 274.”

The next scheduled SAT test at CV high school is Saturday, March 19.

So do something good with your money and sign up for a SAT session(s) and help ease some of the stress that goes along with getting into the college of your choice.

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