Siblings at School

Siblings at School
Posted on 02/26/2019
Siblings at SchoolStudents Feelings Towards Siblings in the Same School
Grace Milone
Staff Writer
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Having siblings, either older or younger, can be a blessing and a curse, but what about when you’re going to school with them. So many CV students have younger or older siblings in the high school with them, but do they like it?

Some students are also a twin or even a triplet, which
they attend school with their look alike other. Select students share their opinions of whether or not they like having a sibling in the high school with them or if they wish they did.

Having an older sibling does have some benefits to it. Not only can that sibling help guide you with teachers and classes, but they could drive and be a mentor through the busy high school hallways. However, some students disagree, and do not enjoy having an older sibling at school with them.

Coming from the perspective of being an older sibling who has a younger sibling in the high school is a whole new world. Some students avoid being seen with their younger sibling in the hallways and others are there to help.

Having a younger sibling may mean that they need to be
driven to school and picked up or tutored in certain subjects, but it also means that there is a friendly face in the hallways too.

Seeing double in the halls, nope it’s just twins! The student body at CV, has a surprising amount of twins in the school and in all different grades. The beginning of the year might be rough with teachers getting confused by similar faces, but having a twin at CV can have perks as well.

Students always have a homework buddy and always have someone to talk with and sit with on the bus too.

“I don’t see him a lot during the day,” sophomore Philip Lundblad said.

Similar to twins, triplets are also popular at CV, especially in the sophomore class that has two sets of triplets. Students may like or dislike having two other siblings in their grade let alone school. Three siblings in the same grade allows students to be in the same class as a sibling or have the same teacher. This may come as a good or a bad thing to some, but triplets are few but present at CV.

While some students do have a sibling or two walking through the same halls, others ride solo through their high school career. Some students would prefer to have another sibling in the high school with them, but some would rather be independent and alone.

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