Ski Trip Braves Cold

Posted on 02/06/2019
Vermont Ski Trip
Sydney Manns
Staff Writer
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All the Cumberland Valley Students who are in Ski and Snowboard Club had the option of going on a ski trip to Vermont January 18th-21st. During this trip all students would have the privilege of going to three different ski resorts.

The CV website states that the typical day on the trip includes breakfast at the hotel, traveling to the ski mountain, skiing, going back to the hotel, dinner, and then lights out. Only the first 45 people to pay the fee are allowed to come, so students must act quick. The different room choices are quad occupancy ($460 per person), triple occupancy ($490 per person), and double occupancy ($550 per person).

Some students shared their experiences about the trip:

“It [the drive] was about 9 hours. I talked with a few friends (when we weren’t sleeping), I listened to music, and I slept for a little bit,” senior Kyra Place said.

The weather conditions were freezing, even for skier and snowboarder standards. There was even one day that no one could ski because of the negative temperatures.

“We got to experience what negative degree weather felt like, which was a first for a lot of us,” Place said when asked about the conditions.

“At the peak of the mountain, it got to negative 29 degrees Fahrenheit,” junior Alyssa Pechart said.

There were many teacher chaperones, such as Mr. and Mrs. Whitehead and Mr. Harral.

“We went to multiple ski resorts and saw beautiful sights. We skied trails that were many miles long. Also, we stayed at a hotel and swam and did other fun activities,” Pechart said.

Overall the trip was a success and many would want to go back next year.

“I would recommend the trip if you are an advanced skier/snowboarder,” Pechart said.

“I would 100% recommend this trip to other people,” Place said.
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