Spring Break in Spain

Cumberland Valley Students Fly to Spain Over Spring Break
Posted on 04/25/2018
Ana Matovic
Staff Writer

Going to a school as large as Cumberland Valley presents so many great opportunities to its students. While many students took a trip to tropical resort or simply relaxed at home over spring break, others were on a flight to Europe hoping to become immersed in a different culture for the week.
Specifically, Cumberland Valley’s Spanish speaking students flew to Spain and had an exhilarating adventure, touring multiple beautiful cities throughout Spain. Students who had already taken, or were currently taking Spanish 3, were welcome to come along on this enlightening experience chaperoned by Spanish teacher Mr. Cecil.
Students were provided with round-trip flights, centrally located hotels, a 24-hour tour manager, and daily
breakfast and dinners; all of these perks included in the price. During the excursion, the students traveled by bus throughout Spain and toured the cities of Granada, Ronda, Seville located in Andalucia. They then spent two days in Madrid, the capital of Spain.
“In almost all of my Spanish classes we had always done research on these famous cities and it was absolutely amazing to see them in person,” senior Shannon Snyder said.
“I liked that each city was so unique, each with their own distinct architecture and cultural landscape.”
During their trip, students visited unique historical landmarks, tasted authentic Spanish food, and improved their language skills. Not only that, but the students were also able to connect with students from another part of the United States.
“The trip was a once in a lifetime experience in which I was exposed to a whole different culture, participated in various traditions, explored the land, and met new people along the way,” senior Taylor Siegfried said. “We traveled with a group from California, so I not only learned about Spanish life but also learned about life in a different part of the United States and I even got to know people in CV who I never talked to before.”
In each city, students visited the most famous historical landmarks such as “la gran Mezquita de Cordoba”
which is a famous mosque, and La Alhambra in Granada which is a colossal and intricate palace. Students
were able to venture on their own and look through various shops and try exotic foods that they may have
never tried if they had not gotten this opportunity.
“This was such a great experience for me and I would say that my favorite part was trying all the exquisite food that I couldn’t get here in America,” senior Joshua Silverman said.
 “I hope to possibly study abroad in Spain sometime during college and this trip just made me even more eager to do that one day.”
In previous years, the trip was unfortunately canceled because there were not enough students signed up. So, many students took advantage of the opportunity this year and were very excited that they did not have to miss out on the fascinating experience this year.
“With the trip being cancelled before, I was a little worried that I would not have the chance to go this
year but thankfully it worked out” Junior Ava Smith said. “This was an unforgettable experience with my
classmates and I also made some new friends during the trip so that was a bonus.”
The school has provided these excursions for many years in hopes of educating students about different
parts of the world through hands on experiences while gaining meaningful friendships and memories along the way and this was certainly the outcome for the students. Students interested should sign up for the trip next year to experience it for themselves!
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