THON Fall Fest A Success

THON Fall Fest
Posted on 10/28/2019
Mini-THON’s Fall Fest A Success
Evan Williams
Staff Writer
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Mini-THON’s Fall Fest has historically been a staple of the organization’s fall activities, however, many students at Cumberland Valley are unaware of the immense preparation and planning that goes into the event.

Held on October 17th this year at Basehore Farms on Creekview Road, the event was planned mostly by Mini-THON’s three overalls and Outreach Chair Callan Sarfert, who detailed her experience with preparing Fall Fest to be the amazing event that it has been in the past.

In recent years, the weather on the day of the event has fluctuated significantly. One of the main challenges in planning Fall Fest is the possibility of inclement autumn weather, with certain years having the ideal crisp, peaceful weather, and other years suffering rain, wind, or uncomfortably low temperatures.

"Any event is a success in our eyes as long as it is thoughtfully planned,” Sarfert said. 

Fortunately, the only problem that the event faced this year was the harsh wind. As always, this was worked around, and most of the activities were held in the spacious barn on the Basehore’s property.

Despite the wind causing slight problems, multiple activities were still held outside, such as the popular 717 Taco Truck, the kid’s football toss, and the pony rides provided by the farm.

Sarfert said, “We were very happy with how it went this year, we had a constant flow of families coming in and we were able to work around the wind.”

When asked how much work actually went into the preparation of the event, Sarfert said, “Oh God… so much.”

This was no understatement either. Many students don’t realize that every single aspect of planning such an event requires careful detail and thought. Everything from the activities provided, acquiring food, setting everything up, working with Four Diamonds families and the Basehore family, and making sure the event is well-staffed.
Through all of these areas of planning came challenges that organizers had to work around.

In her words, one of Sarfert’s biggest challenges was “getting people to sign up to work the event, this worked out in the end though so everything ended up going just as we planned.”

Perhaps the main challenge that the chairs and overalls faced was, as Sarfert explained, “definitely advertising. Since it’s an off-campus event, we’re not allowed to advertise it in school. We had to find ways to make people aware of the event without actually advertising it in school, so that was probably our biggest challenge.”

Despite the multiple aforementioned setbacks THON leaders faced, the event was still a massive success in their eyes.

“Seeing the event play out the way you planned it is so rewarding,” Sarfert said. “It feels so good to see everything go the way you envisioned it, and knowing it’s all for the kids makes everything feel even greater.”

Much is the same for all of Mini-THON’s other events as well, as even more planning and preparation is put into making everything work out and raise money for the kids.
Fall Fest is only one of the first events that Mini-THON holds each year, as many more exciting activities and get togethers are planned for the rest of the year. These events require an outstanding amount of planning, and that the committee chairs and overalls could always use their help when putting on such events. FTK!

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