Movie Review: Little Women

Movie Review: Little Women
Posted on 02/06/2020
Movie Review: Little WomenMovie Review: Little Women
Nadia Liban
Staff Writer
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Sony Pictures released the novel-adapted movie Little Women on December 25th. The movie has gotten great reviews from critics and the rating of 95% rotten tomatoes. It was also nominated for six Oscars ranging from leading actress to adapted screenplay. The movie features well-known actors/actresses such as Timothée Chalament, Emma Waston, Saoirse Ronan, and Meryl Streep.

The acting in this movie was fantastic. I especially liked Saoirse Ronan’s scene, “I’m sick of it.” From someone who hasn't read the movie, I didn’t like many of the characters' personalities. I felt Laurie was indecisive and immature. The actors did have great chemistry and the way the actors delivered their lines made me believe they were a family.

The message in the movie was very thought out and delivered with effort. I adored that they pushed the importance of family. I also admired the powerful theme of feminine independence the movie was trying to share. It has scenes discussing women’s place in the economy and freedom.

The costume designing in Little Women was nominated for an Oscar as well. I loved the different colors incorporated in the movie. Each dress on the sisters shows a personality. It is brilliant when the setting changes, the style of clothes did too. The dresses were also appropriate for the time.

I also thought that the cinematography was one of the finest things in the movie.The scenes were colorful, the landscapes of where they filmed were beautiful. It was smart that they used different tones to show the past and present.

Overall, for a movie with a $40 million budget, it was spent well. I would rate Little Women a 10/10. I would recommend this movie for people who like movies about feminism, history, and family.
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