Netflix New Comedy Series “The Crew” Review.

Netflix New Comedy Series “The Crew” Review.
Posted on 03/01/2021
Netflix New Comedy Series “The Crew” Review.
Jayson McGaffin
Staff Writer
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One of Netflix's newest comedy series “The Crew," which was listed in the top ten for the past week, made its debut February 15. The star of this series is famous actor and comedian, Kevin James, who plays Kevin the crew chief of a NASCAR team.

Kevin was a former NASCAR driver who had a career ending crash which led him to the career of a crew chief for the team that he drove for, Bobby Spencer Racing. He keeps his closest relationships in the office with the members of his team. The building manager, Beth, car engineers Chuck and Amir, and the driver Jake. These five spend a lot of time together in the office and are always up to fun bits and games. Although this team has not won a race in 4 years, they have stayed consistent making top 10 finishes and pleasing their boss Bobby Spencer.

Then after a bad race, the team celebrated  at the office where he had huge news. Bobby had decided to retire and put his daughter Catherine in charge as the new boss. The team was not too happy with this decision knowing Catherine is not the fun type and seems very young for the job. Right away, Catherine is making huge changes, in trying to fire Jake for a younger driver who has no professional racing experience, office uniforms and healthy but non-delightful snacks.

James makes it his mission to find a way to get Catherine to let them do the things they did before she came along. James was able to get her to not fire Jake but that did not satisfy the team just yet. They wanted her to give them more freedom in having fun and it comes to the point where Catherine tells Kevin after the season he is going to be fired.

James decides to interview for a new Crew Chief position for another team where he runs into Bobby and tells him all of the changes Catherine did. Bobby then decides to come back and make Catherine his number 2 in command and brings everything back to normal, but then Kevin realizes that Catherine was making more money for the business and regrets what he has done.

The 10 episode season brought lots of conflict and comedy to the screen. The episodes were 23-28 minutes long and were always bringing great entertainment to the viewers eyes. The plot of trying to get rid of Catherine was interesting and brought new schemes to the team that failed in humorous ways.

This series gave a great laugh to the viewers and had a great plot. I felt as if the episodes could have been longer because of how good the show was. And because of the episodes not being very long I would rate this a 9/10. I hope season two brings more comedy to the screen and can have longer episodes.
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