Review: A Boy Called Christmas

Review: A Boy Called Christmas
Posted on 12/17/2021
Review: A Boy Called Christmas
Cambria Crossley
Staff Writer
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A Boy Called Christmas was released November 26th, 2021 on Netflix. The movie starred Henry Lawful, Maggie Smith, Kristen Wiiig, and others. The Netflix original has a 6.8/10 on and is in the top 10 on Netflix in the US today. The movie is overall rated highly. 

This movie is about a boy who never gave up hope and always believed in something better. Nicholas, the main character, and everyone living in the town around him was looking for magic or something to uplift them. They had all been struggling to survive and were beginning to give up hope.

The king offers a prize to anyone who could make a journey and find anything that people could find hope in for a reward. Nicholas’s father decides to make the journey with a group of other men in hopes of getting a reward for a better life for his son.

Before he leaves he gives Nicholas a hat that Nicholas's mother had made before she died. Nicholas is left with his aunt who treats him terribly and Nicholas decides he needs to run away. As he is leaving he discovers that the hat his father left him had a map on the inside of the fabric that led to something amazing. Nicholas decides to follow the map and it leads to Christmas magic.

The movie has an exciting ending but you have to watch it to find out what happens. I overall found this movie to be very entertaining. It was definitely a movie targeted for kids but it is something that anyone can enjoy. It gave a different perspective of how Christmas came to be and how one boy wanting to make a change started the holiday we know today as Christmas.
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