Review: Book of Boba Fett

Review: Book of Boba Fett
Posted on 02/14/2022
Book of Boba Fett: Review
Josh Peterson
Staff Writer
[email protected]

The Book of Boba Fett is a spinoff of the hit show, The Mandolorian, and has concluded after its run of seven episodes. It is the newest installment in the Star Wars universe and is available on Disney+ for streaming.

Although it has not been a splash hit like The Mandolorian, the show still offered some of the best moments yet in Star Wars. It expands the universe even more as it mostly focuses on the fan favorite, Boba Fett. The viewer follows Boba Fett’s rise to power on Tatooine while seeing his past conflicts. Fett is mostly with his acquaintance, Fennec Shand, but the show brings back other familiar characters to spice it up.

The top moments of the show were seeing Boba’s flashbacks with the lessons he learned from a tribe of Tusken Raiders. They took him in after he barely survived and brought him back to being well. The other bright moments include all the cameos of popular characters in the universe. The writers incorporated these characters in a way that made sense which ended up making for amazing moments in the later episodes.

There are issues and the biggest one is the addition of many new characters that were not interesting and not fleshed out. It was hard to feel any emotions for these characters in the finale which was a big let-down. The show needed more episodes because all of it seemed rushed and it did not make for the epic finale it could have been.

The good outweighs the bad in this show even if some of the episodes were not up to the bar that previous installments in the universe set. The standouts were episodes two, five, and six as they dove into the characters which made for great storytelling. The Book of Boba Fett was still very enjoyable and it expanded Star Wars to be even larger than it was.
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