Review: Netflix New Comedy “Me Time”

Review: Netflix New Comedy “Me Time”
Posted on 09/13/2022
Review: Netflix New Comedy “Me Time”
Jayson McGaffin
Senior Editor
[email protected]

Netflix’s newest comedy movie “Me Time”, was released August 26th and has been ranked number one on Netflix for the past two weeks. The film stars Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Hart.

Hart plays Sonny Fisher, a stay-at-home dad who is involved with his two children’s elementary school. Sonny is the PTA president and is in charge of the talent show. Wahlberg plays Sonny’s life-long but fading friend, Huck. Huck is a wealthy, crazy phenom who loves to party and celebrates his birthday in the craziest way every year. Sonny has been there by Huck’s side for every one of Huck’s birthday adventures all the way until his 44th birthday. Sonny has gotten to the point where he cannot take Huck’s birthdays anymore because they are too risky and crazy. After Huck’s 44th birthday, Sonny doesn’t stay in touch with Huck as much because he has noticed that they are two completely different people.

The movie starts with Sonny getting his kids ready for school when Huck sends him a facetime call. Huck calls to invite Sonny to his birthday party since Sonny hasn’t come the past few years. Sonny politely declines saying he will be on vacation with his family for the weekend and won’t be able to attend. Later that night, Sonny goes to a business dinner with his wife, Maya, who is in real estate and brings in all the money. Maya suggests that Sonny does not come on vacation and enjoys some alone time. Sonny stays home for the weekend and plans to hang out with some other school parents, but they all ditch him. Sonny then decides to contact Huck and hang out with him for his birthday. Huck and Sonny meet up by a lake and the rest of the hilarious plot takes off from there.

The movie has a great plot with happy and disappointing moments that tie up for a great ending. I would rate this movie an 8.5/10 because of how funny and adventurous it is. The movie is free on Netflix.

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