Review: Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2
Posted on 10/28/2022
Overwatch 2Overwatch 2:Review
Josh Peterson
Senior Editor
[email protected]

Overwatch 2 finally came out after the first game in the series was a massive hit back in 2016. The new game noticeably changes the gameplay and makes it more accessible for all gamers.

It keeps the same feel as the first game in the series as it still is a FPS hero shooter. There are three new characters added into the game: Junkerqueen, Sojourn, and Kiriko. They do make the game feel a bit different from Overwatch (2016), but the biggest change is the move to 5 vs. 5 instead of 6 vs. 6. Less players will shift the pace of the game and require different strategies.

Most heroes experienced some type of change from the first game, but most were minor. Overall, the adjustments from Overwatch (2016) are not too noticeable. Overwatch 2 is definitely more enjoyable, however it does not feel like an entire new game was needed.

Overwatch 2 is available for free on XBox, Playstation, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Every game mode is completely free as of now, but buying skins for characters will cost money. A paid story mode is to be introduced to the game later, but there is no set date as of now.

I find Overwatch 2 to be an enjoyable game with vibrant gameplay. It’s very similar to the previous game, but it does everything a little bit better. It’s not perfect, yet it is free. I would give it an 8/10 and I recommend it to anyone who liked the first game or wants to try out a new FPS.
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