rachel My name is Rachel Shin and I am a Senior editor. I prefer to write feature and opinion articles, as well as edit others’ work. A fun fact is that I was an extra in the last Harry Potter movie. I also participate in Green Club. My favorite ABC27 News anchor is James Crummel. cole Hi, my name is Cole Lucas. I am currently a senior at CV and this is my third year in CV Eye. I love writing about sporting events that happen here at the school. I wrestled my freshman year, played football my freshman and sophomore year, and I have played baseball all four years. I am currently enlisted in the Army National Guard, so one weekend a month I go to Elizabethtown to train for my next training event. In my free time I am either outside in a tree stand or creek-side trying to fish. Also, I am involved in Envirothon after school on Tuesdays.  After high school I plan on attending the University of Kutztown to study environmental science. After college, I plan on becoming a game warden. landrysp

My name is Landry Whittaker and I am a junior writing for CVEYE for two years going strong. I stayed with this club because I like the freedom that writing gives me. I can juggle and I like to stay active with volleyball, yoga, and martial arts. I enjoy experiencing new things and meeting new people, like my best and only friend, Angie Bihl. 


Hello, my name is Alexis Stakem and you (a perfectly acceptable and possibly even great author) wrote a perfectly acceptable or possibly even great novel, and your reward (or penance) is the knowledge that a teenager, wielding both a computer and a basic understanding of literature, will relentlessly mock something you spent months, years, or maybe even days crafting. Congrats! But let's discuss the teenager in question, shall we? That wasn't a question, it was an order. Hello, again in case you forgot my name’s Alexis;. I enjoy having several existential crises because my future hurtling towards me and the odds do not seem to be in my favor. I still collect Harry Potter memorabilia and procrastinate (but now to a very worrisome degree), but now I can add collecting vinyls (the only true way to listen to music) and baking (I know, I know my talents are seemingly unlimited, but no, I am not a god, so please stop asking) to my ever growing list of hobbies . I am still apart of Odyssey of the Mind which I could not even try to explain even if I wanted to, but it's fun so there's that. This year, I also joined the Library Advisory Club which is where people book can congregate within the safety of the library. This is my second year writing vaguely interesting content about literature because despite how it may seem, people could be funny in the seventeenth century. Also I wanted to have fun writing again and let’s be honest English class is probably the last place anyone has fun writing. I hope you can find some enjoyment in my attempts at point the hilarious aspects of Hamlet.
sydney My name is Sydney Manns and I am a junior in the graduating class of 2021. I enjoy running track for school. I am a committee member for CV Mini-THON and Key Club. I am interested in writing for CV Eye because I find joy in talking to people about various affairs and want to keep expanding my writing skills. After I graduate CV I plan to go to medical school and become a doctor due to my love for helping others. ryan My name is Ryan McGaffin and I’m a senior at Cumberland Valley High School. I enjoy writing about the sports here at CV. I enjoy hanging hanging with friends, and my friend Gage and I are pretty much Mike Trout and Clayton Kershaw on the rec baseball fields.

grace My name is Grace Milone and I am a Junior this year and will graduate in 2021. I really enjoy CV Eye because it teaches me how to write in a journalistic style unlike a typical essay format. I enjoy writing because it allows me to talk to people and write articles for the CV community to read. During my free time I like to spend time with my family and friends, golf, and walk my dog. I am also part of CV mini-THON as a committee member. In addition to THON I am on the CV girls golf team and enjoy playing in the off season. kate I’m Kate DeVries and I am a sophomore. It is my second year writing for CV Eye, and I enjoy the opportunities writing gives me to learn about new clubs, people, sports, etc. I keep myself busy with Key Club, track and field, and being the secretary of my class. My meal of choice is a large honey crisp apple with a tunafish sandwich (on toasted bread). evan Hello! My name is Evan Williams, I am currently a senior staff writer for CV Eye, and I cover everything pertaining to Mini-THON here at CV. Outside of CV Eye, I love to write about history and literature, I always enjoy doing research essays on these subjects. Some fun facts about me are that I will be attending Temple University in the fall to study Corporate Finance with a minor in Management Consulting. I am also learning Chinese( 我学汉语,我说些汉语。), and in my free time I like to read (currently I’m reading Ulysses by James Joyce), listen to hip-hop, work out, and play MLB the Show. As for my other extracurriculars, I am involved in CV Mini-THON and TOPS, I’m also on the baseball team and I work at Sarge’s Athletic Training Center as a gym assistant.

bella Hello, my name is Bella Barbush and I am in the 10th grade. I enjoy writing about the athletic program at Cumberland Valley. My favorite meal is a medium rare steak, with a loaded baked potato, and a side of broccoli. For dessert I would have a piece of chocolate coffee cake, with whipped cream, and strawberries. I play lacrosse for the school, and I play for a club team in the summer and fall. Over the winter I manage the boys basketball team. You can catch me working away at the Caddy Shack as a Hostess, and a food-runner to get that cash flow!
My name is Lily Graff and I’m a freshman. I have always been a passionate writer and take great interest in journalism. Writing for CV Eye has allowed me to broaden my writing skills and stay in touch with the school community. Outside of class, I play basketball, volleyball, and run 5k races. I love spending time with my family and hanging out with my friends during my free time. mikep Hi my name is Michael Patchin and I am a junior at CV. I joined CV Eye this year because I enjoy writing as a whole, more specifically I like to write about sports. Whether it is going to a game and recapping it, or writing a preseason preview, I have had fun all year so far writing for the newspaper. I play basketball for the school team. I like hanging with my friends on the weekend, and going to Pittsburgh to visit my brother where we frequently go to Pittsburgh sporting events. rp Hi! My name is Riley Powell and I am a senior. This is my first year in CV Eye and I find myself drawn to writing opinion and feature articles. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends as well as reading books. After high school, I plan to attend Temple or West Chester to major in English. gen My name is Genevieve Miller, and I am in the graduating class of 2023. I enjoy playing soccer, writing, and painting. I joined CV Eye because I love writing, and want to get into Arts and Communications. I plan to go to college after high school. grace Hello, my name is Grace Phillips. I am a senior here at CV. This is my first year in CV Eye. I love taking pictures and doing all the photo galleries for the publication. I also love writing about different events going on at CV. I am involved in CV Mini-thon, CV Key Club. I played basketball all four years of high school. I love working with kids and I babysit all the time. I am still in the deciding process between West Chester or Bloomsburg in the fall. I plan on being an elementary school teacher. nyla Hey, I’m Nyla Anderson and I’m a freshman. I moved here from North Carolina, which is definitely warmer. I love the arts and I am currently in the musical, Cinderella. I am also interested in psychology and marketing. I love meeting new people and writing about social injustices, and I love video games. ben Hi I’m Ben Parsons (on the right) and I am a senior at Cumberland Valley high school. I like to write about the sports life at CV and the student body. Some fun facts about me are that I have a funny personality and love to always laugh and joke around with my CV Eye teacher Mr. Mumma. I play basketball for CV and have been playing since 4th grade, I am a part of CV Mini-THON. aparna I am Aparna Raghu andI am a freshman this year. I like creative writing as well as journalism which is why I joined this CV Eye. I love the journalistic style and I learned a lot from this class. I am in Science Olympiad and I like to play tennis and dance. When I grow up, I want to major in computer science. gage My name is Gage Russell and currently I am in the photography end of the school newspaper and my interests include tossing ched in rec baseball along with hitting absolute nukes. I enjoy fishing and hangin' with the boys. Some fun facts are I am a sponsored fisherman for NAA fishing association. kayla

My name is Kayla Keefe, I am a Junior and this is my second year in CV Eye. I love writing about different topics about our school. I also like making videos for this class. Some fun facts about me are that I love nature, hiking, the ocean and more. I play for the girls basketball team, I’m on Mini-Thon, Key Club, and Golden Years Club.

melanie Hey, I’m Melanie and I am a sophomore at CV. In both CV Eye and outside of school I enjoy doing informational writings as well as creative pieces. I take and enjoy German IV and I also like art and drawing. I like to spend my free time with my friends and my dog as well as going to Disney. I am also a member of CV Key Club and ITO Club. nadia Hey, I’m Nadia Liban and I'm a freshman at CV. I like to creative right and do news pieces for CV Eye. My interests are reading and drawing. I enjoy hanging out with my friends and playing Roblox. mike Hello, I’m Michael Keefe and I am a sophomore. I am a staff writer for CV Eye. I enjoy writing reviews and my opinions on movies. I play football and rugby. I spend a lot of time with my family and friends and the people in my community .

natalie My name is Natalie Morgan, I’m a junior here at CV. I enjoy writing arts and life stories for CV Eye. A fun fact about me is that I play the piano and I am part of the CV Color Guard. josh Hi, I’m Josh Peterson and I am a freshman staff writer. I enjoy writing about sports and reviews for CVEYE. I play two sports which are volleyball and basketball. I enjoy watching all sports as well. I’m a huge Penn State fan, and I go to almost every football game. I enjoy playing video games, talking to friends, and watching TV in my freet ime. Ella Hi my name is Ella Willigerod, and I am a junior at CV. I love learning and writing about new information, and taking many pictures along the way. I play lacrosse all year round as a midfielder, but I also love to spend time with friends and family. I work at Dick's Sporting Goods and am saving money so I can travel when I get out of school. My dream vacation would be going Bali with friends. 

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