Hello, my name is Landry Marie Whittaker and I am a senior writer and editor for CVEYE. 

I like to document and analyze my dreams to find symbolism in the unconscious realm foretelling fate in the future as well as answering questions along the way. Recently, I started teaching myself American Sign Language. I also practice yoga and meditation for body and soul transformations. It is satisfying to apply the skills we’ve acquired to make ourselves better for our society, but in my opinion, relationships do not take skill. Growing a strong, fruitful relationship takes patience, perseverance, and passionate hearts who are up for an adventure. My favorite thing about my life is my 3 beautiful sisters, and we are blessed to have 2 amazing parents who taught us all about the great in the world, as well as the bad. ~ It’s not that bad. Have a great day. 

A fortune cookie that stays with me says, “Forget those things that aren’t worth remembering.”

Hi I’m Kayla Keefe, I am a senior and this is my third year in CV Eye. On my free time I like to hangout with my friends and family. I like to hike, go to the beach, and lake. I work at Valley Bistro on the weekends and after school. My plans for after highschool are to go to college and major in the health science field.

You there! Halt! You need to read this, or the consequences will be severe (Do you care for kittens? You do? Because you’re not a soulless being who thrives on others pain? Well do I have some news for you: I. too, care for kittens, I thought maybe if we established some common ground, you might be more inclined to listen to me). Now that I can safely assume I have your attention, I can introduce another exciting and fast-paced year of terrible literature puns and opinions that no one really cares to hear about. A fun year it will be, indeed! My name is Alexis Stakem, a name that strikes fear into the hearts of literary protagonists everywhere. I still am procrastinating, apparently these last two filled with schoolwork induced stress have taught me nothing. I have, over the course of these last two years, amassed a large and vast collection of ceramic mugs. I was previously unaware of how vast my collection had become until I was forced to reconcile with the fact that there was very little room left on my bookshelf, and was faced with the near impossible decision of donating or put a stop to my fascination with purchasing such a “questionable” amount of mugs. Admittedly, both of these solutions solve the problem of limited space, but at what cost? I’ve also recently acquired a painting of a ship captain playing the cello, as a polar sits beside him, both of them seemingly complacent and happy with their current situation. I believe these fun facts I’ve just provided you with is truly the best summation of my personality. This is my third year writing for CV EYE (apologies for the nonexistent transition) because I find this to be a fun way to exercise my love of writing. Hopefully, you find some hilarity in my attempts to express my adoration for literature through ridicule and jokes that maybe, possibly, hopefully cause a small snicker. 


My name is Sydney Manns and I am in the graduating class of 2021. I have done CV Eye since freshman year! I enjoy eating, listening to music, and hanging with friends. I run track for the school. I also am a committee member for CV Mini-THON and Key Club. The reason I am doing CV Eye is because I enjoy talking to people about various affairs and want to keep expanding my writing skills. After I graduate CV I plan to go to medical school and become a doctor due to my love for helping others.

Hi my name is Grace Milone, I am a senior this year, and it is my third year in CV Eye. I joined CV Eye because it has taught me to write in new ways and has improved my writing skills over the years. For the most part, I prefer to write feature and news articles. In my free time I like to golf since I am part of the team here at CV. I also like to spend time with my family and friends. After high school, I plan to attend college and major in nursing because I love caring for others. 

I am Kate DeVries and this year I am a junior. I am a member of the Varsity Cheer team and this is my third year writing for CV-Eye. I enjoy writing for the school because it motivates me to stay involved with what is happening in our community. I work at Old Navy and in my free time I love  to hang out with my friends and go explore the outdoors with my dog. I have future aspiration to attend college and study to be a psychiatrist.

I’m Melanie Ascoli, I’m a Junior, and I’ve been a staff writer at CV Eye for 2 years now. I’m also involved with CV Key Club and CV Mini thon. My favorite things to write or review and opinion pieces because they give me more creative freedom to make it my own. I love to write and paint and I also have a job at Kohl’s. In the future I plan on joining the film industry as a critic, screenwriter or something of that sort. 

bella Hello, my name is Bella Barbush and I am in the 10th grade. I enjoy writing about the athletic program at Cumberland Valley. My favorite meal is a medium rare steak, with a loaded baked potato, and a side of broccoli. For dessert I would have a piece of chocolate coffee cake, with whipped cream, and strawberries. I play lacrosse for the school, and I play for a club team in the summer and fall. Over the winter I manage the boys basketball team. You can catch me working away at the Caddy Shack as a Hostess, and a food-runner to get that cash flow!

I’m Lili Graff! I am a sophomore and this is my second year in CV Eye. I have always been a passionate writer and take great interest in journalism. Writing for CV Eye has allowed me to broaden my writing skills/style and stay in touch with the school community. When I’m not recovering from an ACL surgery, which happens a little too often, I enjoy playing basketball and volleyball. My favorite way to spend time is with friends and family.

Hi my name is Michael Patchin and I am a senior at CV. This is my second year on the CV Eye staff and I am glad to be returning this year. I joined last year because I love to write, more specifically, I enjoy writing about sports. Whether it is going to a game and recapping it, or writing a preseason preview, I try my best to cover it all. Outside of school, I play basketball for the school team and I am currently employed at the Caddy Shack where I work as a food runner and dishwasher.  I like hanging with my friends on the weekend, and going to Pittsburgh to visit my brother where we frequently go to Pittsburgh sporting events, in pre-COVID times!

Hi, my name is Genevieve Miller and I am a sophomore at CV. This is my second year in CV Eye. I love writing and expressing my artistic side. CV Eye is super important to me because I would like to get into something with writing after highschool.

nyla Hey, I’m Nyla Anderson and I’m a freshman. I moved here from North Carolina, which is definitely warmer. I love the arts and I am currently in the musical, Cinderella. I am also interested in psychology and marketing. I love meeting new people and writing about social injustices, and I love video games.

Hi, my name is Nadia Liban. I'm a sophomore and this is my second year in CV Eye. I enjoy journaling, reading, talking about current events, and listening to music. My favorite artist is Harry Styles. I'm in CV Eye because I hope to become a journalist when I’m older. CV Eye gives me the experience and helps improve my writing skills.


Hello, I’m Michael Keefe and I am a junior. I am a staff writer for CV Eye. I enjoy writing reviews and my opinions on movies. I play football and rugby. I spend a lot of time with my family and friends and the people in my community.

My name is Natalie Morgan and I am a senior writing for CV Eye. This is my second year writing articles for CV Eye and I am excited for a new year filled with lots of new stories to cover. I am a member of the CV Color Guard as well. I have been spinning flag in the guard for 4 years. In my free time I like to spend time with friends and family. Although this school year is different I am optimistic about the year to come and excited to be back in class. 

My name is Josh Peterson and it is my second year in CV EYE. I am a sophomore and a staff writer. I enjoy writing about sports and writing reviews. I play volleyball for the school and I also play basketball for fun. I am a huge Penn State fan and watch all their games for any sport. In my free time I enjoy playing video games and going outside.

Ella Hi my name is Ella Willigerod, and I am a junior at CV. I love learning and writing about new information, and taking many pictures along the way. I play lacrosse all year round as a midfielder, but I also love to spend time with friends and family. I work at Dick's Sporting Goods and am saving money so I can travel when I get out of school. My dream vacation would be going Bali with friends. 

My name is Maddie Keefer and I am a senior staff writer for CV Eye. Outside of the school newspaper, which I am a first year member of, I participate in many activities: Class Council, Student Council, Mini-THON, The Cumberland Valley Dance Team, and I dance for a private studio as well. Beyond school and clubs, I enjoy watching movies in my free time, more specifically historical dramas, and I love to read as well. After my senior year, I plan to attend college to study International Business with minors in both Russian and Spanish. Lastly, I joined CV Eye because I love to write and had a desire to expand my writing skills through journalism and the freedom it provides. 

My name is Hailey Harker, and I am a junior.  This is my first year taking CV Eye.  I look forward to writing about sports and current events in the school.  This is my third year on the Varsity Cheerleading team.  I have also been on the THON committee, and I coach cheer in the youth program.  I want to go to college to be a pediatric nurse practitioner.  I enjoy hiking, travelling, going to the beach, and spending time with my friends and family.  

My name is Cambria Crossley and I am a sophomore this year. This is my first year in CV Eye and I am excited to improve my writing skills along with learning more about what is going on in Cumberland Valley. In my free time I like to spend time with my friends and family. I like to ski in the winter and during the fall play golf for the CV girls golf team.

My name’s JD Hunter and I’m a sophomore at Cumberland Valley. This is my first year taking CV Eye. I play basketball and football; I want go to college for football. My favorite fast food is Mission Barbeque and I like to longboard.

My name is Katie Young and I am a junior writing for CV Eye. This is my first year taking CV Eye, and I'm excited about the opportunities that it will give me to learn about journalism and about CV as a whole, while also expanding my writing skills. I'm on the Varsity Cheerleading team, and I also love to be around with my friends and family in my free time. After high school I plan to attend college and possibly study psychology and/or dermatology.

Hi my name is Griffin Huffman, I'm a sophomore and this is my first year in CV Eye, in my free time I like to play basketball, football and hangout with my friends. My favorite place to eat is Chick Fil A. After high school I want to play football in college. 

Hi my name is Kate Berra! I am a sophomore and this is my first year in CV Eye. I’m excited to write about the important events and news that is happening around us every day. I enjoy playing sports and hanging out with family and friends. After high school I would like to continue playing volleyball at the collegiate level and become a physical therapist.

My name is Jayson McGaffin and I am a Sophomore at Cumberland Valley High School. I enjoy writing in general about various topics, whether it is sports, clubs, or other things in the school community. I joined Cv Eye because it can give me opportunities to learn about new things around the school and community. I play soccer for the school team and like spending my weekends with friends and family.

My name is Jake Lucas I am a senior and this is my first year in CVEYE. I'm excited for this year so I can write about events that happen at a global and local level, while improving on my writing skills. I will be attending the United States Naval Academy and plan to become a fighter pilot in the years following. I am a wrestler here at CV and I like to hang with my friends and play xbox in my free time.

Hi! My name is Zahra Anjum and I am 14 years old. Some things about me are that I really like to travel and I like to paint. I like to travel around the world and enjoy going to places and seeing their architecture and culture. Places I have been to are Italy, Zurich, and Panama. I also enjoy painting and playing badminton in my free time. I see myself doing something in the medical and science field. 

My name is Lilly Felician. I am a sophomore and this is my first year in CV Eye. I enjoy the opportunities this class gives me to learn and educate others on what’s going on in and around our school. I enjoy playing soccer, spending time with friends and family, and taking photos in my free time.

I am Ben Jacob and this year I am a sophomore

at Cumberland Valley. I have always had an interest 

In writing about things like sports. I play football and rugby. 

I also like to hang out with my friends when I have free time.


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