Katie Kocsis
Hi! My name is Katie Kocsis and I am the editor-in-chief of CV Eye for the 2017-18 school year.

First off, I wanted to thank you guys for taking the time to visit our website. This is our third year online; however, with the district web changes, we are doing everything we can to make it a fun and interactive place for students, parents, and staff to read about events going on in the district.

Secondly, I’d like to introduce myself a little. I am a senior this year at Cumberland Valley and this is my fourth year in CV Eye. Between my eighth and ninth grade, I was unsure if CV was going to be a good fit for me going forth. I took tours of both CV and Trinity High School. When a teacher of my older brother found out I was looking at these schools, she did everything in her power to get me to stay in the CV School District. She gave me a tour of the high school and specifically stopped in the old CV Eye room. She assumed this would appeal to me considering both my brothers wrote for the paper during their high school careers. She assumed correctly. The room and explanation of the newspaper as a class wowed me. CV Eye was definitely a deciding factor to carry out my high school years at CV.

So, fast forward four years, and I sit writing this bio for our online publication. My hope for it is to serve a purpose to enhance our hard-copy paper, not replace it. So, be sure to check out our paper around the schools and in the district office! I am really looking forward to this year in CV Eye. Not only do we have excellent staff members writing, but we are also expanding our horizons and are asking the students of Cumberland Valley to submit ideas/creative writings/artwork they’d like to share.

We were, are, and forever will be The Students’ Voice. Thank you for stopping by; please enjoy the rest of our site and be on the lookout for our paper near you.

Katie Kerr
Hi, my name is Katie Kerr and I am this year’s News Editor for CV Eye! This is my third and final year in CV Eye, as I will be graduating in 2018! This year I am looking forward to writing more articles about my peers, coming up with new ideas for the newspaper and making my last year count. I am very excited to see what this year holds for Cumberland Valley. It is very exciting to see how our school is changing and becoming more adaptive to the needs and wants of the students. Being a part of CV Eye has greatly improved many of my skills and has opened new doors for me, including a passion for writing. I am apart of the school newspaper to spread the word about the things happening around us and to inform people about the things that are important to students at Cumberland Valley. It is also great to be in the know about school activities! Over these last few years, I have met many people and heard some incredible stories. Outside of CV Eye, I am involved in Athletic Training, Mock Trial, NHS, Musical Crew and Key Club. Over the past few years, I have found my place d through both CV Eye and my extracurriculars.

Harshita Gupta
Hi everyone! I’m Harshita Gupta; I will be a 2018 graduate. This is my fourth and last year in CV Eye. Outside of CV Eye I enjoy playing the violin, reading, embroidery, and watching musicals. I am also a part of other school clubs including student council, speech and debate, key club, and STILES (language teaching club). The reason I chose to do CV Eye this year is because over the last three years it has helped me hone both my communication, writing, journalistic and interpersonal skills. For every article I write, I get to contact, interview, or meet with students and faculty I otherwise would have never interacted with. CV Eye is a true way for the students’ voice to be heard and every article is written by and for CV students who truly care about their community. This year in CV Eye I am looking forward to seeing new ideas implemented in the paper and promoting student activities and interests through the social media. I also look forward to seeing the student body get excited about the paper again and hope I get to meet more people this year than the years before. I believe these last four years in CV Eye have taught me invaluable skills and given me priceless experiences I could not have found anywhere in the school. Last year I found out that CV Eye has been alive since 1954 and I hope it continues allowing high schoolers to be bona fide journalists long after my academic career.

Riley McCarthyMy name is Riley McCarthy and I am a current senior at Cumberland Valley.  I have been on CV-Eye since my freshmen year. Going into the high school, I wasn’t sure what elective I wanted to choose. I loved writing and the idea of reporting to the school, so I chose to be a part of the newspaper. CV-Eye has given me the opportunity to better my communication and journalism skills as well as meet amazing new people. This year, I am a Public Relations editor for the newspaper. My job is to control social media and get the public’s attention about our paper. I also solicit to businesses for advertisements. In my free time, I love traveling and spending time with friends. This summer I went to California, Texas, Virginia, and Rhode Island. I also love being on the beach and reading a good book. I have a younger brother, who is a sophomore at Trinity High School and I also have a dog named Fenway. As a staff member, you get access to all school events and you get to truly feel like you are part of a team. I highly recommend joining the paper because it is an opportunity you only get once in high school. 

Ana Matovic
Hi, my name is Ana Matovic and I will be graduating in 2018 this upcoming June. I decided to join CV EYE my sophomore year because I have a strong passion for writing. English has always been my favorite subject, and I wanted the chance to do even more writing so I chose this elective. I thought this would be a great way to improve my writing skills while also getting in touch with school events. I enjoy being informed about what is going on in my school and it is even more exciting that I can inform others too. I also participate in the Future Business Leaders of America club and I am a part of the Entertainment Committee for Mini-THON. Outside of school I have a part time job at a restaurant, and I volunteer at “Just Like New Kids”. Since I spend a lot of my time helping out for Mini-THON, I enjoy writing articles about upcoming fundraising events so that others can help out for the cause as well. CV EYE is a great opportunity to learn and about clubs and events in the school that one is passionate about. I would advise anyone to join because it is a unique experience working behind the newspaper. This year, I am looking forward to including different aspects in our paper than we ever have before. This may include allowing students to showcase their own talents by uploading their artwork and writings for the rest of the students and staff to see. 

My name is Riley Noga. I am currently a junior who will graduate in 2019. Outside of CV Eye, I enjoy to ski, play basketball, and volunteer. I am in Student Council, the Ski-Snowboarding Club, Key Club, CV mini-THON, and Eagle Buddies. I also enjoy kayaking and spending time with my friends and family outside of school. I chose to become part of CV Eye because I enjoy writing and informing people about the events happening in and around our school. I am most looking forward to getting our newly formed website apparent to the public during this school year in CV Eye.

Rachel Shin
Rachel Shin is a sophomore, and this is her second year writing for the CVEye. She enjoys writing and English is her favorite subject. She joined the newspaper to gain more experience in different types of writing than are normally assigned in school (journalism). Outside of school, Rachel is on the CV JV tennis team. This is her second year on the team. Last year she played second singles, and this year she plays first doubles. She also enjoys playing tennis recreationally with her friends and teammates. In the winter, Rachel enjoys skiing with her family.
Riley Hester
Hi! I’m Riley Hester and I’m in the class of 2020. This is my second year writing for CV Eye. Outside of school I enjoy swimming, hiking, writing, and playing the ukulele. I swim for the high school and I am an active member in key club and student council. I write for CV Eye because it gives me the opportunity to get involved with school news, events, and sports. Also, being in CV Eye allows me to express my ideas, thoughts, and creativity through writing. What I am most looking forward to in CV Eye this year is writing about all of the exciting news and events that will happen this year at CV. I look forward to keeping the CV students and staff updated on everything that’s going on at CV.

My name is Cole Lucas and I will graduating in 2020. I chose to come to CV Eye because I wanted to open myself up for new opportunities. This class will hopefully open my eyes up to different writing perspectives and think of things like a journalist or a writer might think. I'm very interested in writing things that interest me because I can really dive deep into the topic. This year, I'm looking forward to learning new things about the school and staff. Also, I'm excited to make new friends and have fun while I'm writing and learning. Finally, I'm excited to explore places of the school that I might never go to or even meet or interview people I may never talk to when I'm at CVHS!

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