Series: Class of '24 Athletic Commits

Series: Class of '24 Athletic Commits
Posted on 10/24/2023
Series: Class of '24 Athletic Commits

Ryan Hunter
Staff Writer
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Caiden Pines hits a celly after returning kick off to the crib.
This is a running series of CV student athletes who have committed to play their sport in the collegiate ranks. Senior athletes officially signedtheir National Letters of Intent in the Dome the first week of February, 2024.
Why did you commit to the school you did? How does your commitment affect your approach to your CV season, if at all? AND/OR What are you looking forward to most about playing in college?

Name: Caiden Pines
Sport: Football
College: Shippensburg University
Question: Why did you choose Shippensburg University and what are you most looking forward to as a student and athlete your first year there?
Caiden said, “I chose Shippensburg University because it was the school where I felt at home. I felt like I would be able to fit in their football program and I also really felt like their academics are very suitable for me. I am most looking forward to playing football for them next fall and making new friends on the football team and on campus. I am excited to be playing alongside my high school teammate Alex Sauve. I can’t wait to adapt to a new lifestyle at Shippensburg University.”

Name: Bryce Staretz
Sport: Football

College: Duquesne University

Question: Why did you choose Duquesne University and what are you most looking forward to as a student and athlete your first year there?
Bryce said, “I chose Duquesne because it was where I felt most welcome and wanted. I have taken multiple visits there and every time I like it more. I’m looking forward to pursuing my education in Finance and maybe sports marketing. I hope to make an impact on the team in my first couple years and work to become a starter.”


Name: Alex Sauve

Grade: Senior Sport: Football

College: Shippensburg University

Alex said, “I chose Shippensburg because it felt like a place where I knew I could excel on the football field and academically in the classroom. I am most looking forward to learning about what it truly takes to succeed at the next level as a student athlete.”

Name: Alicia So

Grade: Senior

Sport: Girls Soccer

College: Yale University

Alicia said, “I chose Yale because it had the best of both worlds in terms of academics and athletics. Not only can I play the sport I love in a competitive environment as a D1 athlete, but I also have the opportunity to obtain an education from one of the best academic facilities in the world. I also fell in love with the culture at Yale; the people are so inviting and I know I’ll have fun when I’m there. I’m most excited for the relationships I hope to build when I arrive on campus. Apart from playing soccer and learning in my classes, I mostly cannot wait to socialize and meet people who come from different backgrounds and cultures.”

Maddie Martin getting into a low athletic stance ready to field a ground ball

Name: Maddie Martin

Grade: Senior

Sport: Girls Softball

College: Le Moyne University

Maddie said, “The main reason I chose Le Moyne instead of other schools is because they have a really good program for my intended major, which is forensic science. I also felt an automatic connection with the coaches and campus. My commitment isn’t going to change the way I approach CV softball. I plan on playing the way I always have.”
Kilee kuhlman getting air ready to spike the ball over the opponents hands.

Name: Kilee Kuhlman

Grade: Senior

Sport: Girls Volleyball

College: East Stroudsburg University

Kilee said, “I chose ESU because of the close bond I made with my Coach Melfy and the girls on the team. They have a drive like no other team and a winning record the past 4 seasons. I’m looking forward to spending the next 4 years with ESU and am excited to compete with high level Division 2 volleyball.”

Jill J

Jill Jekot drives to the hoop and elevates above the defenders for a layup.

Name: Jill Jekot

Grade: Senior

Sport: Basketball

College: Penn State University

Jill said, “I chose Penn State because of their vision for their women’s basketball program and its atmosphere. Penn State offered everything I was looking for and I am super excited to get started. I decided to take the opportunity to redshirt in the 2024 spring semester at Penn State, so I will be forgoing my senior season of basketball at CV. I am very grateful and fortunate to have been a part of the program, but I am excited to start this new chapter at the next level.”


Name: Alaina Ceo

Grade: Senior

Sport: Girls Volleyball

College: Clarion University

Alaina said, “I chose Clarion University because the coaches were very supportive and took the time to talk to me and didn’t just treat me like another recruit. I connected well with the team and they were very inclusive. The school has a very nice campus and I was interested in the academics they had to offer. No, playing at Clarion doesn’t affect my approach to CV girls volleyball. With it being my senior year I am focused on doing well in conference and making it far in districts.”


Name: Colin Basehore Grade: Senior

Sport: Baseball

College: Manhattan College

Colin said, “I chose Manhattan College because of the future opportunities it will provide. The Coaches are also amazing. Especially the head coach who has a good track record of having great baseball programs and developing his players. My commitment won’t affect my approach to the game and how I play my senior season. It will just help to push me to be the best player I can throughout the season and help the team achieve our goals.”


Name: Delaney McGrath

Grade: Senior

Sport: Soccer

College: University of Pittsburgh Johnstown

Delaney said, “I chose UPJ because they are a D2 program, are an in-state school, and I was offered a good amount of scholarship money. The coaches were super nice and the girls on the current team were extremely welcoming. When I graduate it will also say just 'University of Pittsburgh' and not UPJ on my diploma which will help me with jobs in the future. I think that my commitment to UPJ gave me more confidence on the field. I feel like now that the stress of committing is off my shoulders, I play more relaxed when playing for CV. If anything, I think committing to UPJ helped my approach to CV girls soccer.”

Name: Emma Morgan
Grade: Senior
Sport: Softball
College: Rider University
Emma said, “It’s a good distance away from home, I love the campus and the size, and I have a good relationship with the coaches. I don’t think my commitment has affected my approach to the season.”

Nate Campisi strikes opponents' sticks to win possession of the ball.

Name: Nate Campisi
Grade: Senior
Sport: Boys lacrosse
College: Penn Tech University

Nate said, “I picked the school because of the way the team is run, along with the energy the whole team brings, but also due to their nursing program which is what I’m majoring in. The only way the commitment is affecting me going into this season is it’s a weight off my shoulders, not having to stress about where I’m committing for college. My main focuses this season are beating our rival Trinity, and winning the Mid Penn championship for my senior year.”

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