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French Club Spreading the French Culture and Language
French Club Spreading the French Culture and LanguageFrench Club Spreading the French Culture and Language Aarushi Dedhiya
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The French Club is spreading French culture with the school community. Having numerous activities planned, the club keeps students engaged and connected.

Madison Statler is currently president of the French Club and aims to continue sharing the unique French culture with Cumberland Valley High School.

“The French Club promotes both the language and culture of native French speaking people. Members of the club are able to learn more about the customs and culture of different francophone countries in engaging ways, such as through games and fun activities,” Statler said.

She also shared the club’s future goals and accomplishments for the rest of the school year. “By the end of the school year, we are hoping to increase the number of members,” said Statler. “Additionally, we are looking forward to continuing to promote French and its culture in a positive way that could encourage more people to take the language or as a course at our school or to get more involved with it within their community.”

The French Club has motivated many students to continue studying a foreign language and has exposed students wanting to pursue a language to French.

Additionally, Statler provided a summary of her meetings. “Meetings usually have an informative presentation at the beginning, followed by a fun activity. For instance, we had members learn through a presentation about the traditions of French natives for Christmas and New Year's, and they made their own “chaussures,” which function the same as stockings,” said Statler.

The French club provides many exciting activities for all their members while connecting each of them with the French culture.

Finally, she shared about why new members should join the French club and what makes each member unique.

“Anyone is welcome to join this club! You do not have to know how to speak French or take a French class at school. If you are interested in learning more about French culture and having a good time with others, then this is the perfect club for you,” Statler said. “Members of the French club are interested in both the language and culture. They come to the meetings eager to learn new things and love to participate in the fun activities.”

The French club continues to meet throughout this school year. The members typically have a meeting one Thursday a month. Determined to learn about French culture and language, each member has kept Cumberland Valley High School connected with one of the largest world languages.
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