Teachers Prefer These Students

Teachers Prefer These Students
Posted on 04/05/2019
Teachers Prefer These StudentsWhat Qualities Teachers Look for in Their Students
Emma Neely
Staff Writer
[email protected]

People always talk about getting on a teacher's "good side", but do students really know how to get on that "good side?" After interviewing some teachers at Cumberland Valley High School, each one has a different perspective of what they want in a good student.

"Curiosity, open mindedness, and takes responsibility" English teacher, Mrs. Speca said.

"Ask questions, Get in the game (of school), and work hard," History teacher, Mr. Haley said.

"Curious and willing to learn, kind and considerate to others, and certainly it is impressive when they are hardworking and conscientious" Culinary and Child Development teacher, Mrs. Golding said.

"Good moral character, strong work ethic as in they are always trying, they might not necessarily be the brightest student but they have to be at least trying, and responsibility as in if they know that they have work to make up, they're responsible for follow through and things like that," Math teacher Mrs. Gabert said.

These four teachers have a lot of the same view points when it comes to a good student. As long as the student is working hard, and shows that they care even the smallest amount, exemplifies to the teacher that the student has good morals.

Not all teachers want a "butt kisser" that brings them treats and does all of their work on top of extra credit assignments that are just for fun. As long as the teacher can see that the student wants to learn, and does the steps to make that happen, they are considered a good student in their mind.

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