A Look Inside Argus

A Look Inside Argus
Posted on 09/13/2019
A Look Inside ArgusArgus: A Look Inside
Melanie Ascoli
Staff Writer
[email protected]

For any student at Cumberland Valley Highschool, receiving the school yearbook, Argus, is a major event. Of course though, the crucial yearbook would not exist without the hard work of the Argus Staff. Though the yearbook is important to nearly everybody at CV, most students do not know the effort and work it takes to make the yearbook come together.

Advisor Mr. Gregg Lucas, Senior Editor Courtney Kerr, and  lead the production team. 

Argus staff is divided into six sections to help manage the busy workload that each member is given. These sections focus on different aspects of the student body and each have certain duties that they must fulfill to make the yearbook the best it can be. The sections consist of Faculty Staff, Senior Staff, Underclass Staff, Activities Staff, Sports Staff, and Student Life Staff.

“All sections do different things throughout the year, but we all take pictures and write captions, some even design the spreads," Senior Editor Courtney Kerr said. "Many hours are spent throughout the school year to make sure the yearbook is very special and is completed to the best of our ability.”

Undoubtedly, student and faculty pictures are the most important step of the yearbook process, as well as everything that comes after. Every student at CV is part of the picture process of the year, as they are the stars of the show.

Senior Portraits though, are a separate step that is managed by the Senior Staff over the summer and during the beginning of the school year. While student pictures end rather quickly, this is certainly not the end of the picture process.

Activities Director Senior Abby Palese said, “There never really is a certain time where pictures are not being taken anymore. We are all supposed to take pictures and by the end of the year, after each event has happened, the pages are created and go through many rounds of edits.”

While it is still the very beginning of the school year, staff is hard at work, already beginning some of the various sections and spreads of the yearbook.

“Right now the whole staff is working on different spreads. Some members are working on the sports pages. Some are working on faculty pages. Some are working on the senior section,” Palese said.

The student staff are an integral part of the group, but the process would be unable to run smoothly without their advisors, Mr. Gregg Lucas and Shaun Bollinger. They remain an important part of staff throughout the whole process.

“Mr. Bollinger and I co-teach/co-advise the yearbook. Our roles vary depending on the time of year and individual sections of the book," Lucas said. "Overall we make sure our staff members have the tools they need to produce a quality yearbook, such as having the right equipment and knowledge on how to use it. We challenge our staff members to produce the best book possible and make sure we meet all deadlines.” 

Overall, throughout the members of staff interviewed, there was nothing but positive things to say about being part of the yearbook staff.

On the overall experience of being on the staff, Kerr said, “It’s the class I look forward to going to every single day. I love being able to be creative and work with other people who share the same passion I do. We’ve become a family, and it’s a class that I will forever be grateful for.”

Lucas said, “I think our staff members find the class to be very rewarding, but challenging and demanding at times. Some students have been on staff for all four years, meeting two periods every day of the cycle. This certainly can create a family atmosphere in the class. Staff members spend countless hours during and outside of school working on the yearbook, especially around deadlines. “

“Being on staff is such a great experience and you grow so much as a person being on it. I definitely recommend everyone to join next year because we have so much fun and we have food a lot,” Palese said.

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