Spooky Series Review- Midnight Mass

Spooky Series Review- Midnight Mass
Posted on 10/05/2021
Spooky Series Review- Midnight MassSpooky Series Review- Midnight Mass
Lili Graff
Staff Writer
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Film producer Mike Flanagan released his newest horror series Midnight Mass exclusively to Netflix on September 24th, 2021. Similar to his previous Netflix hits, including The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor, Midnight Mass is a twisted, dark thriller that is a perfect watch during spooky season. 

The series debuted on Netflix featuring 7 episodes, each being approximately 1 hour long. The show has quickly gained the attention of many viewers and clenched the 4th spot on Netflix’s Top 10 watch chart in the U.S. today. The critics from Rotten Tomatoes rated Midnight Mass with an impressive 90% and it received 4 out of 5 stars from Common Sense Media.

The entirety of the plot takes place on the isolated and religiously centered Crockett Island which holds only 127 residents. After the arrival of a mysterious priest, many supernatural events start taking place leaving the characters and audience with many unanswered questions. The series is definitely more disturbing than it is scary. There were very few jump scares, but many scenes that I had to look away from because of sickening gore or chilling graphics.

The success of the show can be attributed to the talented actors who portray crippling grief and longing, as well as miraculous faithfulness and dedication to God. Kate Seigel, Flanagan’s wife, plays Erin Greene who is a pregnant teacher on Crockett Island. Without a doubt, Hamish Linklater (Father Paul) and Samantha Sloyan (Beverly “Bev” Keene) gave the most notable performances within their portrayal of the most devout religious figures on the island. Even in the face of significant adversity, their characters attempt to remain loyal to God- even though it makes them seem crazy throughout the series.

I think it is important to note that religion is manipulated within this show and derails from the true teachings of several religious groups. I would not recommend it for people that would be offended by false references to God and who are sensitive to such subject matter.

Personally, I found myself fast-forwarding through some dialogue scenes between characters in conversation that seemed to be boring and dragged on for too long. Often the mass scenes became repetitive and were difficult to stay attentive to as well.

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