Family Bonding Under Quarantine

Sisters In Quarantine
Posted on 04/05/2020
Caroline in QuarantineSisters in Quarantine
Emma Neely
Staff Writer
[email protected]

Over the past couple of weeks, the world has been filled with uncertainties. The one thing I have that is certain are my two little sisters.

My sisters are Caroline who is a sophomore and Abby who is in fifth grade. We are all cheerleaders, so it’s pretty difficult for us to just stay at home and not do much.

Abby has resorted to playing Roblox on her iPad for most of the day with occasional trips to the trampoline. Caroline and I are doing workouts everyday and we started to make our own smoothie recipes. We all watch movies together while both of our parents are at work.

We are extremely lucky that both of our parents still have jobs and are bringing in money. I work at Starbucks, but my parents didn’t feel comfortable with me making contact with so many people. Luckily Starbucks is an amazing company to work for and they are paying me and anyone else that doesn’t feel comfortable with going into work the amount of money that we were scheduled for is the amount of money we receive.

I feel like I’m on a summer schedule and I have to do some work, but it’s not too crazy yet. I have had a feeling since the beginning that we wouldn’t be going back to school which means probably no prom or graduation for me.

It’s honestly kinda sad, but I understand that people have it a lot harder than me. It’ll be a cool story to tell my kids in the future.

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