Best Chicken Sandwich on the Pike?

Best Chicken Sandwich on the Pike?
Posted on 09/29/2023
Best Chicken Sandwich on the Pike?Best Chicken Sandwich on the Pike
Kaden Schoenly and Owen Mcdevitt
Staff Writer
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As CV prepares for the arrival of Dave's Hot Chicken and Raising Canes, students are debating which is the best chicken sandwich on the Pike: KFC, Popeye’s, or Chick-Fil-A?

Our grading scale rated these sandwiches in overall taste, service, quality of the chicken, and presentation.

Up first is KFC. The service wasn’t bad because there was no line. It went by quick, but they didn’t have any dine-in and the guy taking orders seemed like he didn’t want to work that day. The presentation of the chicken sandwich was kind of sloppy. The pickles were everywhere and the bag was all wrinkled up. The chicken was actually very good. Very soft and tender. We thought it had a ton of flavor. Overall grade we rate it a 7/10.

Next is Popeye’s. The service was really good and the guy was very nice. The sandwich came out hot and fresh so it was very good. The presentation was solid and the sandwich was secured well so it wouldn’t get messed up. They give you the biggest quantity of chicken out of all of the places. The chicken had a very good crunch and still had a bunch of flavor. Our overall grade is a 9/10.

Last is Chick Fil-A. The service was definitely the best. They were super nice and it didn’t take very long even though there was a long line. The sandwich had great taste and it was very fresh. The chicken portion was a lot smaller than the other places, which is their only bad quality. The presentation was solid and it was very clean to eat. Our overall grade is a 9/10.

The Pike is soon to be full with chicken options, and these three will remain great options. 
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