Beats vs. Airpods

Beats vs. Airpods
Posted on 10/02/2023
Beats vs. AirpodsRon Nguyen and Lucas Seagrist
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Students at the highschool were interviewed about which headphones they prefer: airpods or beats.

“I prefer beats because I think the sound quality is better,” Senior Sarab Chaudhary said.

Beats take pride in their headphones because of their high quality and their top notch sound performance, and have a music legend to back it up, Dr. Dre. Since 2006, Beats by Dre have been manufacturing high quality headphones that include active noise canceling, transparency mode, long lasting battery life, which is also compatible with Apple and Android products.

The main selling point of airpods is that they are lightweight, small, and convenient.

“I prefer airpods because of how convenient they are. I like how I can just keep them in my pocket,” Sophomore Patrick O’Brien said.

They provide efficient features that make listening to music easier. Airpods are compatible with all Bluetooth products, but they provide specific features for apple products. One of these features include voice-activated siri. Some other features that airpods provide are spatial audio, noise-cancelling, and a transparency mode.

Even though the main seller of airpods is that they are small and conveniently fit into your pocket, they also are at risk being lost easily. This contributes to the dispute between beats and airpods.

“I prefer beats because they are easier to find. I feel like I lose my airpods all the time because of how small they are,” Junior Syarra Harvey said.

Although both of these headphones have their own perks, people ultimately have their own preferences.

“I prefer beats because they feel more secure. I like to workout, and whenever I do my airpods occasionally fall out. With my beats, I never have a problem with them slipping off my head,” Junior Dane Stehman said.

“I like using airpods for class because they’re convenient, but for everything else I like using beats. I think beats have better sound quality,” Junior Tessa Lee said.

As with any technology, with the next evolution around the corner, the debate between airpods and beats will most likely not have a clear winner.

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