Burrito Battle: Whose is Best?

Burrito Battle: Whose is Best?
Posted on 10/25/2023
Burrito Battle: Whose is Best?Burrito Battle: Whose is the Best?
Carter Shuey, Tichenor, and Miller Hall
Staff Writer
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Students at CV and residents in the area should know which chain has the best burritos, and after a process of elimination, we decided to try the top three chains in the area. We got the same burrito ingredients at each place: steak, rice, queso, lettuce, and cheese.

We went to Chipotle first and the service was great and we got our burrito very quickly. When we cut the burrito in half the burrito looked very good inside, but the wrap was a little flimsy and some ingredients fell out of the bottom, but overall the wrap had a decent hold. The taste was very good. You can tell the ingredients were fresh, and the queso had a good spice that pulled the whole thing together.

Our Ratings out of 10
Mekhi- 8.2

Then we tried the same ingredients and the same burrito but from Moe’s. The service was good and we had no problems. We could tell right away that this burrito was good, but it had a lot less flavor than the Chipotle burrito. The Moe’s burrito had a better tortilla with a better hold, but the meat was less tender and it had little to no spice. Overall it was an okay burrito that could hit the spot if you don't need spice.

Our Ratings out of 10

Moving on to the Neato Burrito meal, we again got the same ingredients. The service was quick, but the guy was rushing because they closed in 20 minutes. Since the restaurant was closing we had to eat in the Panera across the parking lot. Overall Neato did not do a good job. There was fat in the steak, the queso was just nacho cheese, and there was not any flavor in the burrito. The tortilla was good and it was the thickest burrito of the three.

Our Ratings out of 10

More food reviews coming soon!

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