Grads Happy to Commute to College

Posted on 01/17/2019
Grads Happy to Commute to College
Ethan Zeigler
Staff Writer

Most people think that you need to go far away from home to get the college experience and to be free and do what you want. But in fact that is not the truth. There are many different paths that students can take after they graduate high school. From going to a college out of state and living on campus, to the military and even living at home and commuting to a nearby college.

There are numerous positives to commuting to a nearby college and living from home. Cumberland Valley high school graduate and Penn state Harrisburg student Kanyon Vilaychith said, “I made the decision to commit to Penn state Harrisburg because I wanted to get the college experience without drowning in debt, with going to Penn state Harrisburg I get to live at my house and work and yet still get the same education as if I would go and live at main campus or another college. The main focus was to express that you save a lot of money and it keeps you from dealing with student loans and debt for your whole life.”

Penn State Harrisburg student and 2017 CV grad Grey Hess said, “ One of the greatest parts about this is how much money you save on traveling. Because instead of having to drive home from a college two and a half hours away I am already at home with my family saving my car miles and saving money on gas.”

All of the students that are attending Penn State Harrisburg or a college they can commute to all have said they are enjoying the perks of commuting and being able to live at their parents house and get a college education.

Skylar Vilaychith, another Penn State Harrisburg student and CV alum said, “The education and classes that I took at CV were definitely helpful on starting me out on the right foot for college. I am majoring in environmental engineering and my math and science classes helped me out immensely and were crucial for getting me ahead in my college education.”Gr

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