Shark Clip Watch Review

CV Eye Reviews the Shark Clip Watch
Posted on 09/25/2018

Rachel Shin and Ava Cappelli
Staff Writer, Staff Editor

The Freestyle USA Shark Clip watch combines style and functionality at an affordable price. The defining feature of the Shark watch is the clip strap. The clip is similar to the buckle of a seat belt and is extremely easy to take on and off.

The strap is made of a smooth nylon material that is non-itch and quick drying. comfort and convenience, the Shark cannot be topped.

Originally designed for surfers, the Shark is highly durable and resistant to the elements. The face of the watch is waterproof and has hydro pusher buttons that you can push and adjust underwater. The watch can withstand pressure of up to 300 feet underwater.

The Shark also features a host of more generic capabilities, such as night vision, an alarm, and a stopwatch.

Overall, the Shark offers solid functionality for the price and is known for its durability and reliability. It is perfect for a surf/sport watch: easy to use, durable and practical.

While the Shark’s features are set in stone, its stylishness is debatable.

The Shark is only $60, so the affordable piece has become a staple in many CV students’ closets. Others are attracted to its bright colors and customisable nature.

Many students are attracted to the energy and lifestyle the watch exudes.

“[The watch] just gives off a surfer, California vibe. When I see someone wearing one, it reminds me of the beach,” junior Courtney Campbell said.

“I like it because it looks modern and chic. It looks like an LA beach watch,” sophomore Lindsay Seeley said.

Others favor the practicality of the accessory.

“I think it’s useful and it’s good for people who exercise and are athletic,” freshman Parker Tuttle said.

However, some other students had contrasting opinions on the trend of Shark watches.

“I like it but I think it’s just become a fashion trend that everyone wants to follow. I think it originally had good intentions of being a sports watch but then fashion culture changed its purpose, so now it’s more of a fashion watch,” junior Sandra Fahmy said.

Others outrightly disliked the watch’s look.

“It’s too bulky, too technical. It looks really standard. Definitely not worth it for that price. When look at the watch I think of a fifty-year-old man that works at a car dealership,” freshman Elliott Squires said.

“It doesn’t look good. It’s not a cool watch. It’s probably worth ten bucks. It looks cheap and junky. It doesn’t have any style,” junior Nate Lupold said.

Some were simply intrigued by the idea of students wearing watches in general.

“Not many people wear watches nowadays. When I see a student with a watch I think ‘oh wow,’
because that’s unusual,” said English teacher Ms. Doody.

It goes to show that fashion truly is subjective. Even within one lunch table, opinions on the watch differed drastically.
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