Tips For a New Semester

Tips for a New Semester
Posted on 01/14/2020
The New Semester
Nadia Liban
Staff Writer
[email protected]

Cumberland Valley students just finished the first semester and second marking period on
Thursday, January 9th. Here is how to start the next semester right right

1. Make sure you keep up with work.
Keeping up with your homework and test will make sure you don't fall into a rabbit hole ofmissed assignments. Trying your best at the start and staying consistent will keep you stress-free and on time.

2. Organize your notes.
Even though this might sound silly, taking and organizing notes in a way that will help you study, will help you greatly. Tests would be easier and staying focused during studying will be easy to understand.

3. Clean up your workspace and bag.
Cleaning your workspace and bag of old papers and packets will give you a clean slate and a way to start fresh without being cluttered. This will help you focus better without the distractions
of mess.

4. During studying and homework, take breaks.
Taking breaks during studying and homework can make doing these tasks less stressful. By stopping at the right place and getting a snack and/or walking can relieve stress and when you go back to it you are more focused.

5. If you are starting a semester class meet a new friend.
Making friends in semester classes will make the adjustment to the class easier. And if you miss
a class you have a “study group” to check back to.

6. Turn in your course selections early.
By turning in your course selections early, you can be surer to get the classes. Or start reading the packet on what you want early so when it comes to deciding on a course, it will be easier.

7. Start with a positive mind.
Lastly, having a positive mind will give you a boost of confidence. By starting and staying with a positive mindset you will be more set on getting things done and determined to be the best you can be.

By following these steps, it can point you in the right direction of a fresh and easy second semester.
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