A Freshman's First Day

Posted on 09/11/2018
Lindsay George
Staff Writer

Cumberland Valley High School is a large school that intimidates many freshmen on their first day.

“Everything is different in all the ways you wouldn’t expect,” 2018 graduate Thomas Delp said.

Freshman Kambria Clark said, “I was really nervous before the first day of school. The school is huge and I was scared I was going to get lost.”

The size of the school poses as an issue to many incoming freshmen within the first week. “Truth be told, I did get lost a couple of times on the first day,” Clark said.

“It added to my nerves, but it was fine in the end.” Freshmen Gianna Gilfert said, “I couldn’t find one of my friends on the first day of school because it was so large.”

“I was feeling nervous before the first day of school because even though I went to the orientation, I didn’t necessarily know my way around. I didn’t have my classes memorized yet,” Gilfert said.

“I was really excited to meet my teachers and see what their teaching styles were.”

The classes are often times are different than expected, as well.
“The classes were a lot more boring than I expected. We had a syllabus to read and get signed in almost every class,” Clark said.

Gilfert said, “The worst part about the first day is listening to all of the rules the teachers give

“The first week of school is a lot more laid back than I thought it was going to be,” Gilfert said. “We weren’t assigned any tests or quizzes for the first week, and hardly any for the second.”

“I was expecting a lot of homework,” Clark said, “but we really didn’t get much.”

Clique systems in high school may not be all they are made to be. While students need to have a solid group of friends, movies make social situations look a lot more stressful than they actually are.

2018 graduate Abigail George said, “Everyone else is too busy with their own problems to deal
with you.”

Clark said something similar, “No one cares about you; they’re busy dealing with themselves.”

Gilfert said, “I was expecting it to be a lot more awkward, or that people would be giving you looks. To be honest, most people don’t really care about you, so in a way, that’s good.”

“During the day, I started to feel less nervous because as I went through the day I met my teachers, and navigated my schedule fairly easily,” Gilfert said. “Getting through the hallways is easier, too, because you can have you can have your backpack with you.”
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