CV4BLM Club Launches

Posted on 09/24/2020
CV4BLMCaprice Spriggs Starts CV4BLM
Sydney Manns
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Staff Writer

CV senior Caprice Spriggs started a new club, CV4BLM, which is dedicated to helping the Black Lives Matter movement. The club hopes to educate about, support and aid African American communities.

“After taking Mr. Long and Mr. Mumma’s class I realized there are kids in the district willing to learn and felt how I did about the topic of Black Lives Matter. In the months when we sat at home watching everything on the news and on social media, I spoke to Mr. Long, Mr. Mumma, and a few fellow students. We felt a club for like-minded students to have a place to learn, collaborate, and take a stand would be a great addition to CV,” Spriggs said.

CV4BLM already has tasks they soon want to accomplish.

“Our club plans on donating our time helping local black owned businesses and having some kind of book drive for the district to get some black authors and stories into the district libraries. Those are two things we are hoping to do very soon,” Spriggs said.

Spriggs has numerous students helping carry out her vision. She is the President, and main roles alongside her are held by Vice President Mackenzie Kirkwood and Secretaries Abby Alderama and Abby Ziegler.

“We have a whole leadership team that works to help me run the club and our social media accounts,” Spriggs said.

Like many CV clubs, CV4BLM has faced setbacks, specifically due to COVID-19. The entire club is taking precaution when it comes to the pandemic and is making sure to follow proper protocol.

“We have yet to have an in person meeting due to social distancing guidelines and the current school schedule. We all understand the importance of these safety measures so although some may feel restless, we are all doing our part in stopping the spread by having online meetings only. Once we are all back at school full time it will be much easier for everyone to be involved,” Spriggs said.

Even though the future is unclear, Spriggs and CV4BLM have high aspirations.

“We hope to visit the middle and elementary schools to get them involved,” Spriggs said.

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