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Posted on 11/22/2020
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Lilly Felician
Staff Writer
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The 2020 presidential election gave some students at CV the opportunity to vote. In order to vote in a U.S. election, you must register to vote 15 before election day.

Cumberland Valley senior Olivia Bonsick said, “I registered in July, and it was pretty easy. It didn’t take too many steps, I just had to wait a couple of months to get my registration card in the mail. Overall, the actual registration process was pretty easy.”

Due to the pandemic, mail-in ballots were an option. However, polling places were still open and had to take precautionary measures to keep voters safe.

Bonsick said, “I think my place did a very good job with COVID, everybody was socially distanced and wearing masks.”

Polling places also took the time to disinfect the screen after a voter was finished.

As for the voting itself, senior Emma Shepley said, “When I walked into the building, a man was directing the line to make sure there wasn’t too many people at the registration table. When I got to my table, I handed them my confirmation paper because I was a first-time voter. They had me sign in a book and handed me a little slip of paper that I gave to the person who was running the actual polls. Then, I got in another line to vote.”

There are numerous factors that go into choosing a candidate to vote for. Shepley tried to stay away from the news and researched the candidates from independent sources.

Cumberland Valley senior Amanda Arbogast said, “I just voted for equality and love,” and, “I’m
glad that my vote was a vote for change.”
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