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CV Pad Project
Posted on 11/22/2020
CV Pad ProjectCV Pad Project
Kate DeVries
Staff Writer

This school year a new club called The CV Pad Project has been introduced by its co-Presidents, Maria Ratnasamy and Rusham Katoch. The CV Pad project is an initiative to work towards raising awareness for the sanitary hygiene of women in developing countries.

“I decided to start the club because in my human geography class last year we watched a documentary called Period End of Sentence, and I was really touched by the documentary because it displayed the struggles that women in third world countries went through to gain
access to their sanitary products,” Junior Rusham Katoch said.

As of right now, the club has 81 members and has been focused on spreading the word. The club has also raised donations through their first fundraiser. The club's current objective is to be able to set up one sanitary pad-making site by the end of the 2022 school year.

“Through the sites the women in the third world countries are able to create their own pads, and also they will be able to make pads to sell to other women. This helps their economy grow and they are also able to have better financial stability,” Katoch said.

This club is working together with The Penn State Pad Project, which is run by Maria and Rusham’s older brothers. The Penn State Pad Project has the same initiative and works towards the same goals. All of The CV Pad project donations go through Penn State.

If interested in this club dm @cvpadproject or contact juniors Maria Ratnasamy and Rusham Katoch to join.
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