Golden Years Club Visits Seniors

Golden Years Club
Posted on 10/23/2020
The Golden Years Club
Ella Willigerod
Staff Writer
@[email protected]

The Golden Years Club is designed to help end loneliness among the elderly in our community. Mackenizie Kirkwood began the club in the 2018-2019 school year, and it now has 160 members. Last year they went to elderly homes to play bingo, do arts and crafts, and spend time with them.

This year, due to COVID-19 restrictions, the leadership team has come up with more creative ways to have events. Throughout the summer, they were able to visit three homes where they sang and danced outside. They also went to a home and did a gardening project. 

Golden Years Member Abby Ziegler said, “I was hesitant to join this club at first because with the current circumstances, I knew it would be difficult to have events. However, I am so glad I decided to participate because the leadership has created such amazing opportunities for us to help the elderly in creative ways. I have written a few letters to the elderly, and I absolutely love hearing their responses. I can’t wait to go to more events and sing and dance my heart out.”

On October 4th, they were able to have their first event of the school year at ManorCare Health Services. COVID-19 test papers were completed, masks were worn, and social distancing guidelines were followed. Although they were unable to come in contact with the elderly, they stood outside and did a Q&A in which the members asked the elderly questions about their families, their past, and how quarantine has been for them.

They ended the second half of the event with singing and dancing outside their home. They came together and sang “Here Comes the Sun,” “Don’t Worry Be Happy,” “Blackbird,” and a few Disney songs.

Golden Years President Mackenzie Kirkwood said, “Organizing this TGYC event and finally seeing it come to fruition was a really rewarding experience. It was so powerful to see 55 CVHS students participating in an elderly interview and then dancing their socks off for the elderly while cooperating with the CDS COVID-19 guidelines. What we are doing means so much to me because I know that the elderly are all cooped up due to this virus and just need some love and joy. It is remarkable what we can accomplish when we come together.”

The leadership team has planned another event for Saturday, October 21 at Vibralife where they will be decorating their lawn for Halloween. Since the club has become so large, a sign up sheet was sent out and a maximum of 35 members can attend.
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